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I have some questions about which tool to use to create HTML5 effectilvely, which means to produce a finished game as quick as possible.

I'm an experienced developer, I know HTML5, canvas and I tried once phaser.js to make a game for the previous ludum dare (

My brother recently gave me a license to Game Maker Studio, which I've been trying a long time ago, and it's quite nice to make something quick.

But I think (not really sure for now...) I will try to take on the HTML5 market, GMS sells a license to export at $99.


At first I planed to go with GMS, despite the fact i'm a good programmer, for 2 mains reasons:

- Quick to develop a new game

- Can export to other technologies to try other existing markets or export games to future ones.


I've read some thread on this forum which said than GMS is a little buggy and than HTML5 export needs to dedicate game project for this export kind (due to technology specific issues).

I didn't got really serious on GMS, only watch some hours of video tutorials and code a little Windows game to try.


I love technology but I want to make game and I try this time to use the best tool to quickly make some instead of having fun with techs stuffs.

But when I see what I can achieved with something like phaser.js versus learning time of GMS + specific coding for HTML 5, the only benefit I see is quick making of games but I know I can achieved this with a proper build process and templates...


So, this is where I am for now but I'm not sure of it, maybe there is other alternatives too.


Do you think it's better in my context to do HTML5 directly (with phaser.js for example) or to use a high level game designer tool?


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I've been using it for a while, It does work quickly , but as you said there are a few bad sides (especially html5):

1- It's not optimized for mobile by itself;

2- performance could be poorer than alternatives like pixi.js;

3- sound system isn't trustworthy yet;

4- The code is obfuscated , if under any circumstances you lose the gmx files , you've pretty much lost your game (I've been through it);

5- costly if you will buy the master version or all the exports.


So if you've already bought it and don't want it to go in vain , you may use it in games that require heavy level design like platform games for example, In html5 market most of the games don't , you'll probably be fine with phaser too. 

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Thank you for your answer.

1 - You are right, mobile performance was one of the possible issue I had question on.

2 - Does not know pixi.js will look at.

3 - Sound system on HTML5 is quite a problem for all framework I think but there is maybe more tooling with pure js libs.

4 - I read you got non obfuscated code when in debug in GMS? In this case it must be backup for later use without GMS to avoid problems.

5 - I would buy other export module only if needed but in fact I think it's maybe over thinking, new platform will certainly means new coding (especially if first one was dedicated to HTML5)

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2 - Does not know pixi.js will look at

Pixi is great, but a much more low-level toolset than GMS, so they're not directly comparable.


Learning a lower-level technology might be a better strategy in the long run, however.

It will be much slower to start making games in the beginning while you're learning, but it's just a fast as GMS, and more flexible, when you get up to speed.

The other problem with GMS is that games made with GMS look like they were made with GMS, so it's hard to break out of that box and do something really new.

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There is no best tool to make games fast, otherwise we will all be using it.


There are two different things that helps making games faster:

1. Having a problem already solved. For example a rendering engine like Pixi, or collisions and cameras with Phaser and GMS.

2. Expressing what you want to do.



The first one can be really useful or not a big deal at all, depending if your goal is set at short or long term.

In the long term is not that of a big deal because you solve a specific problem just 1 time (like d13 mentioned). It's faster if it's already solved of course, but it's faster just the first time. If the tool solves you a problem they way you think, there is no problem at all, you can use it and be happy even after. But if it solves it a way that feels weird to you, it will eventually start to slow you down more and more, you will start to have problems expressing yourself.


Expression is the most important thing. Expression is how you think about things, how systems relate to each other in your game, how you approach problems and the way you think.

The way people think, or more precisely how they approach problems can vary a lot, that is why we have so many different tools. Actually some people are so weird that there is no tool that solve things near the way they think, so they have to create their own tools.

You will spend most of the time translating your wishes for the computer, expressing your intentions, coding. The more similar that it's your engine/library/tool to your way of thinking and solving problems, the faster the translation will be; ideas will flow faster and the game will be developed faster.
So it's completely up to you. If you find something that suits your brain patterns, stick to it until you change. We change and our way of thinking does also, so don't be afraid to change your tool when you feel it no longer goes your path.

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