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Mirroring sprites in canvas


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First of all...
This may sound crazy, but I'm developing my own game engine for HTML5 without using any existing Framework as a personal challenge.

It's already working great, I have even started a real game with it: a platformer game, including scroll and some physics.

I'm trying to achieve the maximum possible performance, so I still have to tweak a lot of things.


I registered here some time ago, but I have finally decided that it's time to ask for help :-)


So, my first doubt is... what is the best way to flip an sprite?


As far as I know, these are the best ways to do it:
* using context restore/save

* using a secondary image that includes the sprite flipped (or create a function that flips it automatically)


I fear that context restore/save may be a bit CPU consuming. Anyone knows if it can have any impact on performance?
On the other hand, using a secondary image may mean storing twice the sprite in memory.


Right now, my engine is getting 60fps on most devices using context restore/save. But I don't know what will happen when we start to add a lot of enemies on screen.

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A negative value won't work for drawImage. You are forced to save context, use context.scale, draw image then restore context, which is very CPU expensive.

I created a function to flip all sprite frames for now, but I'm still looking for any better alternative (if it exists).


Thank you for your answers anyway! :-)

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You don't need to save and restore the context. Setting the transform isn't entirely necessary either.

The thing with context.scale, is that it applies a scale factor to the context by multiplying whatever scale factor you had before calling context.scale. So:

context.scale(-1, 1);

// draw

context.scale(-1, 1);

And you're back to the initial context state

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