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Tween scale? (SOLVED)


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Hi @SebastianNette


Thank you for your help :)


I still can't seem to get the right syntax to get this working ...


I can tween the width: and height: but I tried writing up the scale.x in many different ways and can't get it to work.


I tried looking at the tween docs (the tween engine, panda's was based on, but can't find any info).

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Oh I see! I'm trying to write my tweens inline because I have a lot of them and it makes things simpler.


game.scene.addTween(infoFind1, {x:300}, 250, {delay:200, easing:game.Tween.Easing.Back.In}).start();


But I think my way of writing them might conflict with the way the engine works.

From your example, it looks like I have to set the property I'm tweening before a do so.


I can't think of a way to write up your example in the format I'm using.


Thank you again for your help! I really appreciate it :)

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