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Text cut off in Firefox 32 (Mac)


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Hi guys,


I have a strange issue with 2.0.7 and still also in 2.1.1. In Firefox the text gets cut off at the top, while Chrome, Safari and even IE don't have any issues with it. I have attached 2 screenshots one from firefox and one from chrome for comparison.


The code is straight forward:

        //txt Score        txtScore = game.add.text(15,game.world.height-50,0);        txtScore.font = 'Oswald';        txtScore.fontSize = 30;        txtScore.fill = "#FFF";        txtScore.align = "right";        txtScore.fixedToCamera = true;

You can even check out the game at https://yolotrain.oebb.at (facebook login required, online is still Phaser 2.0.7)


Do you have any clue why this is happening?


As far as I can see it has something to do with the font, because when I switch to e.g. Verdana everything is fine. It seems the font is aktually larger than 30!?. However any idea how to fix that?


Thank you and regards,





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