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Reverse the sprite orientation


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Hello, is there a simple way to reverse the sprite orientation using the Tween Repeat Reverse function?



I've a bird that goes from 0 to 200 and from 200 to 0 (reverse repeat). I want to change the bird orientation while he's flying from 200 to 0.
Is there a function for this?
Thank you in advance :)
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Hello enpu, thank you for your fast reply, I tried with:

var blueBird = new game.Animation(            'elements/birds/blue-1.png',            'elements/birds/blue-2.png',            'elements/birds/blue-3.png',            'elements/birds/blue-4.png',            'elements/birds/blue-5.png',            'elements/birds/blue-6.png'          );                   blueBird.animationSpeed = 0.2;         blueBird.play();         blueBird.position.set(250, 100);                  game.scene.stage.addChild(blueBird);var tween = new game.Tween(blueBird.position);         tween.to({x:0}, 2000);         tween.repeat();         tween.onRepeat({          var blueBird = new game.Animation(            'elements/birds/blue-1-reverse.png',            'elements/birds/blue-2-reverse.png',            'elements/birds/blue-3-reverse.png',            'elements/birds/blue-4-reverse.png',            'elements/birds/blue-5-reverse.png',            'elements/birds/blue-6-reverse.png'          );         });         tween.yoyo();         tween.start();

but nothing, it doesn't work, can you explain how to use onRepeat for my purpose?


Thank you again,



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Try if this works:

var blueBird = new game.Animation(    'elements/birds/blue-1.png',    'elements/birds/blue-2.png',    'elements/birds/blue-3.png',    'elements/birds/blue-4.png',    'elements/birds/blue-5.png',    'elements/birds/blue-6.png');var blueBirdReverse = new game.Animation(    'elements/birds/blue-1-reverse.png',    'elements/birds/blue-2-reverse.png',    'elements/birds/blue-3-reverse.png',    'elements/birds/blue-4-reverse.png',    'elements/birds/blue-5-reverse.png',    'elements/birds/blue-6-reverse.png');blueBird.animationSpeed = 0.2;blueBird.play();blueBird.position.set(250, 100);game.scene.stage.addChild(blueBird);var tween = new game.Tween(blueBird.position);tween.to({x:0}, 2000);tween.repeat();tween.onRepeat({     blueBird.textures = blueBirdReverse.textures;});tween.yoyo();tween.start();
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Fix'd, I added "function()" to onRepeat, I also added 3 animation array to define the right and left orientation. This is the working code:

        var blueBird = new game.Animation(        'elements/birds/blue-1.png',        'elements/birds/blue-2.png',        'elements/birds/blue-3.png',        'elements/birds/blue-4.png',        'elements/birds/blue-5.png',        'elements/birds/blue-6.png'        );                var blueBirdRight = new game.Animation(        'elements/birds/blue-1.png',        'elements/birds/blue-2.png',        'elements/birds/blue-3.png',        'elements/birds/blue-4.png',        'elements/birds/blue-5.png',        'elements/birds/blue-6.png'        );                var blueBirdReverse = new game.Animation(        'elements/birds/blue-1-reverse.png',        'elements/birds/blue-2-reverse.png',        'elements/birds/blue-3-reverse.png',        'elements/birds/blue-4-reverse.png',        'elements/birds/blue-5-reverse.png',        'elements/birds/blue-6-reverse.png'        );blueBird.animationSpeed = 0.2;blueBird.play();blueBird.position.set(250, 100);game.scene.stage.addChild(blueBird);orientation = 1;var tween = new game.Tween(blueBird.position);tween.to({x:0}, 2000);tween.repeat();tween.onRepeat(function(){    if (orientation == 1){     blueBird.textures = blueBirdReverse.textures;    orientation = 0;    }else{	blueBird.textures = blueBirdRight.textures;	orientation = 1;        }});tween.yoyo();tween.start();
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Thank you for your help enpu, I didn't know the existance of .textures :)


OT: Phonegap is really good with Panda.js :) this is my second project with Panda.js but phonegap (at the moment) is pretty good with no fps drop.


My next project will contain collision and probably some physics, I'll inform you about the performance :)

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