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How to create an area of collision?


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Hi guys!


I'm trying to create artificial intelligence of the enemies of my game, and I'm finding it difficult to create a method that makes the enemy feel the presence of the player to follow and attack him as well. 
I tried to group a geometric shape of a circle and a sprite both positioned at the same coordinates, however checked the documentation I can not use this form. It needs to be a group and / or a sprite.
What can I do?
The attached image shows the idea of what I do


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One idea is to check the distance between the enemy sprite and the player using  Phaser.Math.distance

enemies.forEachAlive(function(enemy) {                            if(!enemy.inCamera)return;  //go to the next enemy if the current selected is out of the camera                          if (game.math.distance(enemy.x, enemy.y , player.x , player, y )  < 50 ) {                              //the enemy is near the player                            //do things              }  }, this);

tweak the "50" value in the if check to find the desired distance.


Be sure to check Phaser.Math . You may find something more suited for your needs.

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