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Phaser/Pixijs + Shader + Mobile Wrapper


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Is it possible to use Phaser/Pixijs with a filter/shader (for post processing) and port this over to mobile via a wrapper like CocoonJS, XDK etc ?


I read in several CocoonJS posts that it's recommended to disable WebGL when wrapping it and I wonder if the shader parts are still working somehow within Canvas+/CocoonJS?


Does anyone have any practical experience in this field and could tell me something about trapfalls/performance and stuff ?

Thanks in advance.




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Unfortunately I don't know anything about shaders but I suspect they might take a toll on performence and compatibility. But if it works the possibilities are endless. I'm also working on a phaser/cocoonjs game, so I'm interested too. The effects that shaders can produce are nothing short of amazing.


For example I could really use this water turbulence effect in my game  :blink: it looks incredible

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I didn't specifically mean that the pixi filters definitely work, I just meant that checking if they do is a quick way to see if your own shaders will work.

Although reading back what i wrote I can see that it sounded like that was what I meant, sorry!

At any rate according to the latest mail out from Ludei WebGL should be supported now, so we can expect that the shaders should work.

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