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How to remove animation just after playing one time (loop == false)?


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I have started using panda js which is awesome. I got some questions to it.


1. Is it possible to remove animation just after playing it e.g. onComplete function does not work, at least I wasn' able to handle it?

2. Is it posible to set framerate for game in config?

3. If I run some animation onComplete of another animation there is a one blink of new animation at position x=0, y=0 (but the position of new animation is defined somwhere else).


Thank you for answering those questions

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Yeah, panda is awesome!


BTW, about your questions:


1) you can create your animation with:

var yourObject = new game.Animation(                'images/obj-1.png',                'images/obj-2.png',                'images/obj-3.png'                );yourObject.animationSpeed = 0.1;yourObject.anchor.set(0.5, 0.5);yourObject.play();yourObject.loop=false;game.scene.stage.addChild(yourObject);

This code play your animation only one time, and the last frame will be your final texture (in the example case, obj-3.png will be the static sprite).


With :

yourObject2 = new game.Animation(              'images/FINAL-Sprite.png'              );      yourObject.onComplete(function(){       yourObject.textures = yourObject2.textures;});yourObject.play();

You'll change the sprite of your object to a new one (in this case FINAL-Sprite.png)


2) I don't know if you can set a FPS limitation, sorry ^^


3) maybe you want to use .textures function, see answer #1

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Thank you for an answer. With the second scenario I get an error in line 126 (Uncaught TypeError: object is not a function)

        yourObject = new game.Animation(                'pyt-short_000.png',	        'pyt-short_001.png',		'pyt-short_002.png'        );	yourObject.position.set(0, 0);        yourObject.anchor.set(0.5, 0.5);        yourObject.animationSpeed = 0.3;	yourObject.play();	yourObject.loop = false;        game.scene.addObject(yourObject);	yourObject2 = new game.Animation(		'LFruits_sym1_00019.png'        );	yourObject.onComplete(function(){	       yourObject.textures = yourObject2.textures;	});	yourObject.play();

Anyway I got another question. Is it possible to wait for animation complete until the next code will be executed, or even execute some code with some delay regarding current animation. Lets say I have 3 fileds and I want to make an animation on three of them. Fitstly I would like to run animation on 1st one then in the middle of current animation run animation on 3rd field and then in the middle of second animation run animation on 2nd field. In all cases animation is the same. Thanks in advance.

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