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Looking for someone to help create a few old-skool demoscene GLSL shaders (paid)


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The subject really says it all - but I'm after someone who can help out creating a selection of GLSL shaders (that work in Pixi / Phaser) that re-create various old-school demoscene effects. Things such as starfields (2d/3d), fake rasters, sine waves, water, metaballs, etc. They will need to be nicely configurable via uniforms.


This is a paid job, but there's no time pressure - so can easily fit into free evenings / weekends spread over a month or so.


If you're interested then please drop me a line, ideally with a link to a shadertoy / glslsandbox example you've made in the past, to show me what you're capable of :) These are very low intensity shaders (on purpose), as we're aiming for maximum GPU and device reach.


You can either PM me on this forum or just email rdavey@gmail.com






PS If you need to ask "what is the demoscene?" you're the wrong person for this job :)

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While I'm certain an effect like the classic and parallax starfield could be done on a quad using a fragment shader alone, I'd don't think it should be; especially not when you state you also want "very low intensity shaders (on purpose)" and "maximum GPU and device reach".

Considering a pixel on the screen (a fragment) and working backwards to determine if it has star under it at a given time, will not be performant (especially when compared to the case where you can represent stars as quads, and work with the graphics pipeline to do the starfield effect cheaply)

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