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Display HTML formated division onto a mesh face


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I'm just curious. This would be asking a LOT I know.


Is there a way to project a HTML formated 2d division upon a BJS mesh face? This ability would be invaluable in a CMS (like WordPress ) That would incorporate BJS into the theme.


For instance, one could project current posts against the wall of a walk around gallery. This way the client could update content as usual and it would just drop into the 3D rendered scene?    


I know I can use draw text but I would have to do some javascript magic to format it correctly against the mesh face.

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This might implemented as .blend file which contained 60 meshes (maybe 26 uppers, 26 lowers, & 8 symbols).  Blender, I think would do most of the work.


Once in a font.babylon, you could load them all, & use shared vertex instances to comprise a message, parenting the letters together, and position them  as a unit, just like any other mesh for perfect blending into a 3D space.  Not simple, I know, but remember these are 3D fonts, so the effect could be stunning.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I want to use BJS with PHP variables and drop them into javascript variables from current posts. So I think what I'm going to resort to is just restricting thier post ability to a strict format that has been pre styled with drawText lengths in mind. No big deal.


They get a 3D walkthrough theme...so they can deal with the style restrictions.


Thanks again for the suggestions.

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