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Found 8 results

  1. So, I need to put Phaser game to WordPress static site. Theme is called Zerif lite. I need to put game to big title -section, where is not possible to use widgets. How can I make the game appear to this section? Where do I put my game folder structure? Or is this even possible to make?
  2. I made a lot of progress on my 3D Browsing idea built on BabylonJS, so I thought I would check in here to share and get some feedback. As of December, the U.S. patent office approved my conceptual patent for 3D Browsing! It is being issued. I define 3D Browsing as a combination of a 3D Game and browsing the Internet; 3D Buildings are websites Ability to walk between websites with continuous animation. Connected on a grid (mapped) - 3D Community Distributed system - ability to be hosted everywhere on the Internet. I fetch and load 3D Objects as you Walk near and remove them as you Walk away. (I hot-swap what it loaded) My implementation on 3d.walktheweb.com has a BabylonJS foundation. I created a web based 3D CMS (https://3d.walktheweb.com) that uses the building blocks (meshes and csg) to easily build: 3D Buildings - can be a building, bridge, or any rendered 3D assembly, 3D Communities - represents the 3D Scene and everything between the buildings; This is also the map placement of 3D Objects., and 3D Things - The smaller items that you build once and use many times like tables, chairs, trees, etc. I set it up where a 3D Building can be browsed separately, maintained in one place, and yet added to many 3D Communities. I added Action Zones to trigger animation such as opening a sliding or swinging door when you walk near. I have Load Zones that trigger fetching data to render a 3D Building or part of a 3D Building. (Same for 3D Communities and 3D Things). I did some tutorials and videos https://www.walktheweb.com/knowledgebase_category/tutorials/ My latest addition.... WordPress is used by about a third of the websites on the Internet now and WooCommerce has about a third of the Shopping Carts. So I created a WordPress Plugin called WalkTheWeb that lets someone with a WordPress/WooCommerce website add a 3D Store, to show and sell their products, in about 5 minutes. It allows the user to pick a 3D Store Building and 3D Community from templates, name the store, pick a URL, add a walk the web user account, add WooCommerce API keys, and create the site! Check it out.. https://wordpress.org/plugins/walktheweb/ All Free - with option paid premium upgrades like using your own domain name http://3d.YourDomainName.com . I also trademarked http://3d and https://3d to easily identify 3D Browsing websites. All of this using BabylonJS behind it. My plans... as I get time to finish preparing it, I plan to go open source with the WalkTheWeb 3D CMS host. So that everyone can create, maintain, and host their own 3D Websites (3D Buildings, 3D Communities, and 3D Things) in a way that they can be interconnected throughout the Internet. The host program (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript) I created already works between different servers. I just need to globalize some more settings and variables and finishing cleaning the code. One thing that would help make it work smoother, would be if there was a Babylonjs object loader that would clearly separate the user movement from the mesh loading. So that when I need to queue up many meshes on the fly it doesn't cause a lag. (Note, I also turned off my avatars for the moment since they were causing lag. I'll get that functionality back in there soon.) Let me know what you think... all feedback appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm writing a plugin for Wordpress that use Babylon JS and I got a little problem. I try to load a mesh : var obj = loader.addMeshTask("tortue", "", WPURLS.plugin_dir+'/models/turtle/', "turtle-lowpoly.obj"); obj.onSuccess = function(task){ console.log('ok'); } The model is loaded (I see it in Firebug) but the onSuccess function is never triggered. If I put the code as standalone it works well... You can see here the problem : http://www.info-d-74.com/test-3d-object/ URL of the script is : http://www.info-d-74.com/wp-content/plugins/3d-objects/js/3d_object.js?ver=4.5.2 Any idea to fix it ? Thanks
  4. The website I am working on has a game embedded in a page. Between levels the player navigates away from the game and is shown some page content (the game incentivises the customer to view the content using game play between viewing the pages. The user has a logged in status in a user table in Wordpress and they score points, playing the game, I save these in the database with e..g an ajax call from the game and php script. Then the user views a page of content. AFter viewing this page of content they get to play the game again, build on their score and the game has a new level. I could do an ajax call from the game to see if there are some variables for that player, such as their score, name etc from their profile. My game is split into states - preload, boot, game. I was planning on putting the ajax call in the create function of the game state. Does anyone have any experience with this? and can advise.
  5. Hi. I need help with pixijs and wordpress. I know wordpress has plugins for working with javascript. But I need a good way to integrate pixijs with wordpress. This mean to make wordpress post with running examples. Thnak you. Regards.
  6. WordPress Arcade Theme Powerful WordPress Arcade Theme compatible with myarcadeplugin Features:- - MyArcadePlugin Compatible - Fully Responsive - High speed - Easy to add banners and links - Free installation service - Bootstrap - Optimized design - Google font Only $19 (Unlimited installation licence) Feel free to PM. Skype: arshidkv12 arshidkv12 @ gmail.com Demo :http://andovergames.com/
  7. Hi everyone, I've created a game with phaser and I'm now trying to inplement it on my main page. However I don't have any idea how to do so. I've searched a lot of forums but none gave me a solution :/ Its a game from the premium course on zenva . its uploaded to the hostgator file manager and I can play it on belgiangameproduction.com/wp-content/html5games/M4 if someone could help me it would be awesome thanks in advance
  8. I'm just curious. This would be asking a LOT I know. Is there a way to project a HTML formated 2d division upon a BJS mesh face? This ability would be invaluable in a CMS (like WordPress ) That would incorporate BJS into the theme. For instance, one could project current posts against the wall of a walk around gallery. This way the client could update content as usual and it would just drop into the 3D rendered scene? I know I can use draw text but I would have to do some javascript magic to format it correctly against the mesh face.
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