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Game.Loader & Safari with undefined baseURL, bug?


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First I must state I have to debug more, but already done some and I'm not sure if it's my code, Phaser or Safari issue.


I'm calling the Game.Loader.add for any assets needed (textureatlas, image and audio). The assets load fine with custom Game.Loader.baseURL which is set in a "Boot" state init() and assets are loaded in separate Preloader state's preload(). So far so good, works fine in Chrome. Also game works fine in Safari (desktop, and iOS devices) however the server log is getting *two* requests for each asset. One correct one with baseURL + 'assetname' and one with undefined + 'assetname' (resolving to string 'undefinedassetname').


Anyone else experienced this sort of issue?


Using Phaser 2.1.2. Have to test with 2.1.3 now that I still have time before production. Also noticed some problems detecting iPhone 5/6, but that's just Phaser.Device.iPhone4 problem

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