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Found 4 results

  1. I am somewhat new to Phaser and have a goal of making a game with similar gameplay to the first Navyfield. One concept I am having trouble with is how Navyfield managed to do projectiles with 3D positions using 2D sprites. What steps do I have to take to have a cannon fire a projectile up in the air and possibly at an angle towards or away from the "camera"? If possible, could I get some psuedo code or even better an example using Phaser? Here is an example of the projectile system used in Navyfield (might be a bit loud):
  2. Hello friends! I'm seeking for 2D artist to draw multiply sprites for top-view space game. What about the game? I have a concept of survival 2.5D space game, where every one can manage his own space sector, build space stations, harvest resources, make products and secure from extraneous aliens. You will take a role as a business owner of your faction with minimal amount at your account. Your goal to make successful business, to grow and set relations with other factions, survive in unknown galaxy where you are not alone. Main feature of the game Play from mobile / tablet / desktop, there are no restrictions to popular platforms. Fly on your own spacecraft by using of WASD + mouse or touch control. Think how to make your business work, trade with other players, explore your sector and find a way to other sectors, fight with your enemies to reach your goals. All spacecrafts & space stations consists from parts, each one has their own appointment & feature. Invite friends to your faction. 2.5D game, where each 2D graphic looks like 3D by using power of OSE game engine (lightning + shadows). What is already done Own game engine as a fundament of a game. Inertia physics, spaceship control, lightning. Camera, object's transformations, multiply platforms support. I have very ambitious plans, but resources are limited. I have a very reduced plan of features that I would like to implement. For early stage of development I want to find an artist, that can spend some time to work with graphics of a game. I will pay for graphics if it will be really cool. Contact with me to get details. Skype: andytyurin Thanks!
  3. I've played with Phaser for a little bit and I like the framework, I would really like to make a beat em up style sidescroller with a short z axis, a la Double Dragon, Streets of Rage etc. where the players can move up and down along a semi 3d plane. Question is, can this even be done with Phaser? Can anyone recommend a tutorial, or a Github project where I can check out the source code? I have been googling for hours and I don't know if I am missing the right keywords, or if there is just zero information on the web about this. Any direction would be a huge help.
  4. questioning whether or not to use Pixi? Just remember that the upper limit of a technology is an interplay of the technology itself and the user. I'm by no means the greatest programmer but with some help from the right people and the right technology, awesome things can be achieved: The above demo for our next game (Lux) is done 100% in browser with pixi Better yet, a gamepad is being used to spin the camera! The final product will not be done in html5 (or at least, not only html5), as there would currently be some platform restrictions on it being in html5. Just wanted to share some Pixi eye-candy and hopefully inspiration to thoroughly explore your possibilities (especially as html5 and webgl support becomes more prevalent)