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Found 4 results

  1. J. K. Sleepling

    Changing image resolution for mipmapping

    Hi there, I'm working on an app showing user uploaded maps (bitmaps). These maps can be of any resolution and often they are very large. Now down-scaling these images they become ugly and crunched, so I need to use mipmapping (Working in WebGL). I know mipmapping only works with "powered by two" resolutions, but is there any way I can resample my odd-sized maps, to fit into a "pb2" resolutioned baseTexture, and still know the original specs. Or how would you work around it? Thanks
  2. sta-ger

    Scaling down big images quality

    Hello! I have a trouble when scaling down big assets. I just have a stage contains some sprite and i'm doing: stage.scale.x = stage.scale.y = 0.2; As a result I have an ugly ragged image. I found a solutions for a simple canvas drawing without pixi from here Can I achive the same smooth effect after rescaling in PIXI?
  3. The constructor doesn't seem to behaving properly on videoTextures. I can't seem to disable the mipmaps or change the sampling mode. However, invertY is working probably. I also get an error if I try and feed in the urls/url as an object stating that urls.ofEach is not a function. Here is an example: Thanks in advance! -P Sidenote: Seems to work on the basic texture:
  4. GBear

    How can i control mipmap?

    hi everyone. I'm testing about mipmap; I've used mipmap since begin to create my game; I think Mipmap is useful to draw blurred texture and performance. but i couldn't see any performance up with mipmap of pixi. my testing map has 7168*7168 size ( 49 of 1024*1024 texture ); and i was changing scale of container that has sprites of map; how can i control mipmap efficiently ? thx..