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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there, I'm working on an app showing user uploaded maps (bitmaps). These maps can be of any resolution and often they are very large. Now down-scaling these images they become ugly and crunched, so I need to use mipmapping (Working in WebGL). I know mipmapping only works with "powered by two" resolutions, but is there any way I can resample my odd-sized maps, to fit into a "pb2" resolutioned baseTexture, and still know the original specs. Or how would you work around it? Thanks
  2. Hello! I have a trouble when scaling down big assets. I just have a stage contains some sprite and i'm doing: stage.scale.x = stage.scale.y = 0.2; As a result I have an ugly ragged image. I found a solutions for a simple canvas drawing without pixi from here Can I achive the same smooth effect after rescaling in PIXI?
  3. The constructor doesn't seem to behaving properly on videoTextures. I can't seem to disable the mipmaps or change the sampling mode. However, invertY is working probably. I also get an error if I try and feed in the urls/url as an object stating that urls.ofEach is not a function. Here is an example: Thanks in advance! -P Sidenote: Seems to work on the basic texture:
  4. hi everyone. I'm testing about mipmap; I've used mipmap since begin to create my game; I think Mipmap is useful to draw blurred texture and performance. but i couldn't see any performance up with mipmap of pixi. my testing map has 7168*7168 size ( 49 of 1024*1024 texture ); and i was changing scale of container that has sprites of map; how can i control mipmap efficiently ? thx..