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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! I'm hoping that someone else has tried this already. I want to reshape the texture in a projecting spotlight. I tried adjust the uScale and vScale on it and they did not work for me. I tried the same texture on a surface and obviously got the result I was looking for. I'm looking for an effect where I can reshape the spotlight into other shape than circle really. I think I figured out why it is shaped like a circle because of the math involved. My idea was actually to produce a video projector scene very much like this PG here (Hit Run after loading for first time, otherwise video won't play): I basically pasted in the video texture from elsewhere and thought to make a drive-in scene from that. Then the spherical light really would not do there. Help? Thanks!
  2. Hi, Am I correct that the only way to load in a video texture and have it render in the Pixi.js renderer is by using the VideoTexture.fromURL method? var texture = PIXI.VideoTexture.fromUrl("test.mp4");If this is correct, is there a way to have control to the native HTMLMediaElement controls? (i.e. restart the video, scroll in video, etc.) Lastly, because this is webGL, I would assume that displaying video textures (playing clips) in pixi is faster than just using the native html5 video element and some library that manipulates it (like videojs) Ultimately I would like to be able to make custom controls for the video player using Pixi sprites, does this sound workable? The main thing is I just do not know how to control the video once it is playing...
  3. Hi everyone! I find it odd that there isn't a sub-forum for everything audio related, so I hope you don't mind me posting this here. I made my first(ish) trailer track. Just posting what I made today for a bit of feedback. Any, good or bad, would be appreciated. Feel free to use it for your game trailers!