2D artist for hire (10usd/h)

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4 hours ago, Aedelish said:

awesome art~
I want make art as good as you, but my skill was so average,....uhm, I'm newbie about freelance things, did you use app time-tracking(tracker) to record the progress? just curious....

Hi, thanks for the appreciation and I'm pretty sure you will get the desired skills in no time with a proper approach )
As for the time-recording There are so many time lapse videos of artists who are way better than me that I don't bother recording my workflow - it's nothing fancy or unique really

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1 hour ago, Reborned said:

Great work.

Do you have more animation samples to show?

How many hours do you spend to make a running character animation with about 10 frames?


Hi Reborned,
I/m not that much of an animator, so I'm doing it only from time to time
I have that marrygoaround  as the latest sample
as for the run circle ~2-4 hours if art parts are prepared beforehand. 


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8 hours ago, mickeyren said:

would you mind sharing like say doing this kind of animation - 

like doing the death animation only, how long would it take you? including drawing the art?

and if you do all the common states - attack, hurt, walk, run, death how much hours?


designing the character = 4-5 hours, an animation (attack, walk etc) = 2 hours


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I would recommend to be charging more then $10 a hour.  You are tax liable for your income as an independent contractor and your skill set is well deserving of being paid.  $36 /h with a 2 hour min would be a more reasonable price.

You deserve to be compensated for your skills don't devalue yourself.

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