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Ludei Cocoonjs XML / bitmap font workaround?

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Btw I just noticed something weird when I load a BitmapFont using a json file instead of xml. When the xoffset=0 the letter is placed all the way at the beginning of the text no matter what.
For example a letter in my font was like this:
{    "id": 120,    "x": 67,    "y": 808,    "width": 36,    "height": 38,    "xoffset": 0, // <-    "yoffset": 36,    "xadvance": 29,    "page": 0,    "chnl": 15},

I don't know the cause though, but it can easily be fixed by changing it to 1.. 

    "xoffset": 1,

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FIXED: I was trying to get several of the solutions discussed in this thread to work, but no luck. But then realized that the docs explains it well. It assumes that the conversion of the XML to JSON is formatted to the specs of Code Beautify's XML to JSON Converter. No hacks needed, just swap out your XML for the new JSON.

Explanation in the description here.


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