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Thanks guys!  Those reports make me happy.  I need to bail on those VJ's for a little while, so if somebody wants to advance it... go for it.  Each VJ (combination drag-surface and drag-puck) needs to be a single control, and proper onValueChange observing wired-up.  Then, it should probably be put into TypeScript.  The new VJ control should follow the API used by other GUI controls.  (For the foggy, VJ = virtual joystick.  I have been experimenting with some simple ones, using BJS GUI, with reports chronicled in recent TWC posts.)


On another subject... I have a need for spirographs in BJS.  Here's a nice starter pack:

Ideally, all its HTML GUI should be converted to BJS GUI, and use linesMesh instead of context2d canvas-painting.  BJS Path2d might work well for this stuff.

I don't need as much power as that spiro app has, but it would be nice to match it (adjust-ability-wise).  Even a linesMesh version with NO GUI... would be a huge help to me.

I WOULD like the spiro-pen to be a mesh, sometimes.  I would like to be able to turn-off linesMesh, and sometimes use no-gravity no-emitPower particles, emitted from the pen-mesh, to draw the spiro-flower.  I would like to KEEP the "draw speed" feature.

To go a step further, I want to modify a particleSystem so that particles have random weight/mass (custom update func).  SOME particles fall fast, some slow, some non-dropping.  Essentially, that will make the spiroflower be 3D... because it will get depth-ful (deep).  :)

If anyone would like to be MY SUPERHERO and build this thing for me us, that would be swell!  Those circles/rotors... I don't care if those happen in the BJS version or not.  The main two things I need to show in my project... are:

- That the tip of each spiro-flower "petal"... is always a loop and never a point (mathematically).  I believe this is true, and I need to show it... for a non-math reason.  I understand that, graphically, it MIGHT be a single point, because the math might calculate a loop SO SMALL as to go below some epsilon value, and can ONLY draw a single point at a petal tip.

- That... no matter the spiro-pen/rotors starting direction, clockwise or ccw, the pen ALWAYS, eventually, returns to the starting point.  What goes around... ALWAYS comes around.  So, I need a draw-direction setting... ebb spirography / flow spirography - just like the toy - start rotating the spiro-gears in either of two directions.

My deepest thanks to anyone who helps me us with this.  If someone DOES "run with it", they might want to tell us, here, so there is not any repeated/wasted efforts.  I'm in no hurry at all, so feel free to create a thread in Projects subForum and form a campfire team... divide-up the project... have fun.  Math-guts, GUI, and render-ways... that's a nice tri-sectioning for a 3-person team.  ;)  Thx either way.

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:)  Thx, @Sebavan  Perhaps, to keep from flooding the thread, maybe we should stick-with the "I Might Try It" comments, and shy-away from the "Why I Can't"  :D

Aww hell... "Why I Can't" posts are fine, too... at least it is commune-icating.  heh.  Thx for the consids, S!  (ps.  3 month wait, no problems)  :)  Thx for pinging Jerome, too.  Unfortunately, I currently owe him around 83,000 favors.  :D

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Will have a go at the maths and line drawing part and will leave GUI to you or somebody else. Will set it up so that parameters are easy to transfer to GUI.

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Oh @JohnK, you do SO MUCH "other" work around here... I hate to see you grunt this.  How about...  do it ONLY if you think it would be enjoyable and ONLY if you have no other projects happening?

You are too kind, and I feel I am using you.  I could do the math stuff, too... but... I was hoping that someone could do it... who WOULDN'T go thru 4 nervous breakdowns on the way to success.  :)  Plus, I'm pretty loaded... remodeling a severely water-damaged apartment for/with a guy... in-trade for some free rent.  (which MIGHT equate to enough $$$ to get a touch screen device to test VJ's upon)  :)

So, THANKS John!  Only if enjoyable and only if nothing more important is happening for you, ok? 

If it feels like work, stop immediately, as you have already done MEGA-tons of work on/for BJS/team.  (hug)

No preset demos needed, either (ok, maybe 1).  And I think... only one rotor needed... for MY sought, simple, 5-10 petal spiro-flowers.

So, I'm thinkin'... yeah, no GUI = fine.  As you say, can be added later, as wanted/needed. 

Imperfection ok, too.  (in case you want to round numbers to hundredths or similar). 


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14 hours ago, Wingnut said:

You're just "the cat's meow", JK!

Not so much, the patterns you get for standard spirograph ratios do not match those I generate. Back to the drawing board!

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6 hours ago, JohnK said:

the patterns you get for standard spirograph ratios do not match those I generate.

No probs for my simpleton project.  But, it sounds like YOU might be committing to a "strict and noble regiment"  :)

Good luck.   I'm envious!   May the horse be with you! 

:)  If needed, I still have one of these (in plastic purse version)...


And here's a "Gear Daddies" song

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Nice work, John!   Thank you!

I had another thought (with a possible need for such).

Does anyone think (sim-) gyroscopes would work... in a physics engine?

Here's some fun videos to add to the pondering.   Comments/thoughts welcome.

I also think we could move-ahead on Fibonacci things... pine cones, cauliflower, conch shells, etc.  I LOVE "grown" mesh.

Maybe someday we could modify John's spiro-code... so that it always TRIES TO generate ONLY Fibonacci/GoldenMean/Phi spirals.  Wow!  (1.618-to-1 expansion/contraction ratios?)

I tried a "Fib" playground, recently.

PS:  Just in case you were thinking that the wobbly pole of a child's gyro... draws spirograph flowers or Fib spirals, I think that is not true.  But wouldn't it be something if it DID?  :)

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Oooh, I can literally "feel" the community-embracing of that challenge, can't you?  :)

Ok, so I worked on an old, water-damaged apartment, in trade for some free mason marketeer coupons, and I ordered this...

(A 1940's coal-powered iPad 4 with enough memory to store a mosquito fart.)

And then I bought one of these...

(64 gb ram-drive on a lightning connector)

Soooo... I'm going to be touch-screen ready... pretty soon.

Then, I got miserable "fungal pneumonia" for 2 weeks, from working on that apartment without using a respirator.  Brilliant, eh?

See what happens when we "consume" refurbished (pigeon poop) crap?  heh.

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Alright, my refurbed ipad4 arrived, is router'd, and has installed its latest iOS version.  I Safari-browsed a couple of BJS demos... worked ok.  Sponza demo... good sounds and scene... but slow turning.

Internet Cafe demo... looked good, also slow turning, and browser crashed at the top of the stairs, twice.  I will try to investigate further, after I learn to drive iOS better.  Might need fresher Safari.

Good fun.  This pad is bigger and heavier than I expected.  And it claimed to be "grade B" quality, but I don't see a scratch on it.  (yay).   It's purrrrrrdy.  Too nice for this "campfires and mud bogging" kind of chap.  I need carrying cases, next/soon.

I'm also preparing power and mounting devices for...

-  truck  (view truck's PDF owner's manual + use accelerometer to find some jerking.  Truck has USB jacks & cig lighter socket.  I needed usb to Apple "lightning" adapters for powering from truck USB).
-  boat   (watch movies while fishing)  (boat uses 12-volt car battery/trolling motor)  (Wagan 9.6 amp 4-outlet charging station will be attached to top of boat battery box)
-  mic-stand  (lyrics/songlists) (wall-wart ipad power)

The friggin Arkon heavy duty "ball-stack" mounting arm is $100!  OMG!   (I found a new-but-scuffed for $45)  phew.  I think I can use same mounting arm for all three applications.

Quite off-topic, I know... but I'm excited!  This is my first-ever mobile device, and the first time I've used one.  Baby's first swipes, ya know?

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Hi gang!

Wingy fighting with some GUI again.  ALMOST ALWAYS, I'm the blame... for my GUI problems.  I keep staring and testing.  :)

Anyway, there is a 6-button vertical stackpanel... and I THINK the stackpanel should automatically set height on each button... so that all 6 buttons FIT into this 50% tall stack.

Butt1 is eating the entire stack-space.  hmm.  

Setting button heights (10%-ish) DOES help the vertical "fit", but not perfect. 

These 6 buttons should vertical size-to-fit automatically, I think (each button having an auto-height of around 17% of stackpanel height).

I think there is something wrong with stackpanel's vertical auto-fitter, or something.  But, more likely, I'm missing something.  Extra eyes/ideas/help... welcomed.  thx.

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Weird.  Thx @JohnK.  Unfortunately, lines 20 & 21 are being ignored, in your example.

Technically, THAT is how it is supposed to look, except without the rectangle control wrapping the stackpanel.

It is supposed to be a simple vertical stackpanel of 6 buttons... along the left edge, centered vertically.

I think... if the stackpanel control is working correctly, no button vertical or horizontal aligning or sizing... should be needed.

At least it SEEMS that stackpanels once worked that way.


Spacer height?  I hope that doesn't affect the spacing between buttons in vertical stack panels.  :)  @JohnK, did you spurn DK into breaking something GUIsh?  heh.

(thx for work/reply!)

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