Happy Christmas!

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Hello my beloved community!

It has been a really cool year for our little babylon.js! We (as a community) did so many improvements to the engine, the doc, the website that I can't count them :)

I wanted to wish a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS to you and your families.


I won't be too much available until early January as this is the first Christmas for my daughter (the first where she can understand what is happening).

But I'm not worried as I know that we have a team of extraordinary people dedicating time to help each others.


Please take some time to spend time with your friends and family. I'll try to swing by sometimes but not like right now (my current pace is once or twice a day :)).+


PS: If you really need my help, just wait for early January and ping me on your topic!


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On 15/12/2016 at 2:12 PM, Wingnut said:

Poem moved to TWC.  It belonged in a different sub-forum.  :)  Announcements sub-forum is not for Wingnut yapping.  Really, NO PLACE is.  :D

Happy Holidays!

Sorry to disagree @Wingnut but this marvelous poem totally belonged in this post.

You should bring it back! (There is something awesome we can do with computers: you can make a copy of something - yes, really, a true copy, like a clone, amazing isn't it ? :lol: - so you can move it somewhere else without deleting it from its original place. You should try it, it's so incredible :P )

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Hi VP.  This sub-forum is admin announcements... not the place to be "screwin' around" (South Park wood shop teacher).  But I'm glad you liked the poem, that's real nice of ya.  It's alive and well.

This sub-forum is supposed to be where big dogs announce that they are going to flop into the Strato-Lounger, watch Rudolph shows on the big screen, and gorge themselves on ham and cookies... for the next 12 Days of Christmas.  Pfft.  Ain't no Christmas scenes gonna get done THAT way.  :) (uh oh... the xmas light particles can't be seen in the mirrors anymore.  Something changed!  oh no!)

Speaking of which, where is @gryff's cool Christmas scene... from a year or two ago.  That thing ROCKED!  He had to move some demos, recently.  I hope he has that one back online, for this season.

Look at that. Here I am yappin' in the announcements area, again. 

Perhaps if I pin some Mistletoe to my hat, a pair of snowbunny lips will shut my mouth.  :)

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Hmm, okay, it is an "announcements only" place...

But, we still are poluting it by holding a powwow here ;)

Anyway, this announcement is mostly a kind Christmas message, shouldn't be such a big deal to add a little BJS related XMas poem... well, my opinion.

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