[Solved] 3D spline through its control points (e.g. BABYLON.Curve3.CreateCatmullRom)

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Hello Babylon.js Community,

I am trying to create a smooth 3D spline that goes through its control points.

I was reading through the Curve3 tutorial and started a playground attempt:

My guess is that I have to create the spline step-by-step somehow with the BABYLON.Curve3.continue() function!?!
Maybe I also miss a very simple approach to reach my goal?

Wishfull thinking:
Three.js offers exactly the spline I am looking for:

Would something like this be of interest for the Curve3 class in general, e.g.
var oMyNoBrainerCurve3 = new BABYLON.Curve3.CreateCatmullRom( Vector3[] );

Anyone can give me a hand? Any help is appreciated.


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you're right, this spline is not implemented for now in the Curve3 helpers. I could do it for you the next weeks, when I get some free time.

Meanwhile, you can always build your own with the integrated math function :

 code :

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@BitOfGold: This is awesome and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much.

 @jerome: I am not very familiar with pull and push requests nor TypeScript. But if you plan to add BABYLON.Curve3.CreateCatmullRom to the Curve3 class in future I will be happy to update the tutorial accordingly including the playground examples.



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PRed :

Thanks to @BitOfGold whose PG helped me to code it quickly

As the title says ...

var points = [vec1, vec2, vec2, ... vecN]; // the points the curve must pass through
var nbPoints = 20; 
BABYLON.Curve3.CreateCatmullRomSpline(points, nbPoints);

documentation coming soon ...

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