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Hi all!

I own a small html5 gaming site, so far I have 4 finished games. I thought as a way to increase plays and help other small developers to add a sort of cross-promotion feature.

Signing up (you can do it with your Twitter or Google account), you can add a free promo banner that would be showed while users play. The more you play, the more your banner will be shown.

My site is 1 Pixel Army

What do you think about this idea? 



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It's designed to appear just below the game screen (like the "Follow me on Twitter" in the screenshot). I thought it was a great idea when I made it, ;), I didn't have most time to improve the concept (and the games in my website). I think I'm going to have some free time soon, so I'll keep working on it. 

Feel free to add your promo ;)




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