Babylon.js v3.0 is almost done

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The API to create the Doppler effect has been removed from Web Audio unfortunately :-(

For convolution, this is not complex to implement but I didn't manage to find free & usable input audio convolver files. If you find one, it will motivate me to implement it by end of next week for our v3.0 ;)

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Hi guys.  I would REALLY REALLY like to get the physics plugin 61/62 issue solved... before any new releases.  It has been an unsolved issue for a long time.

Raanan isn't around, and it might not even be an issue for Raanan.  Let's solve this puppy before we release anything.  I appreciate all help/thoughts added-to THAT thread/issue.



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Neat !

I found this website :
It has lots of free spaces to choose from.
Now to make it more concise you can get IRs from famous studio-class reverb devices here :
Lexicon480L :
LexiconPCM90 :

They have the classic Room/Hall/Plates etc... categories !

I'm in the process of studying Unity, I'm just getting started, but it has a very interesting feature :

Would it be possible to have that sort of workflow for the convolver ?

Thx !

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What about 3D version of the new logo ?

Here you have it : . Note that color is set by vertex color, so you have only one material & one mesh.

I haven't create a pull request yet, 'cause I have a variant in WIP.

In the example above, you have the light version of the logo, which try in keeping with 2D logo (simple planes without thickness), but I've start a solid version, made of some box shapes, interesting to animate for example.

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Job done, pull requested!

I've animate what I call the solid version, but it seems that animation is not exported, here Blender viewport render:



[edit] I'm a about to create a dedicated thread in demos & project [/edit]

[edit2] hop! [/edit2]

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