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Using the most recent version of PixiJSv4.
I am now using a slow thin client desktop and am seeing performance issues.
Game is running at about 30FPS when it should be 60FPS.

Are there any *simple* optimization tips I can now use to improve performance?
I don't care about the thin client, but am concerned about Google Android smartphones and tablets.
I have a really old Android tablet and am seeing about 15FPS on that device.
(game does run 60FPS on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge though)

I would like to target Windows, Linux, and Android.
If someone can point me to a web page about PixiJSv4 optimization I would appreciate it, thanks!

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Check the official pixi wiki page on github:

Most specifically:

The main thing tho; profile profile profile! Use Google Chrome profiler to see where performance is being lost. It's very very hard answer questions of performance in an online forum because every game and every scene is different. Only you can find out where things are slow by using the tools available :)

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