Memory usage increases 10x after sound loading

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I have a folder with 23MB of sounds (including music), all of them are in .ogg format because I need to support really old browsers.

When loading those sounds, memory usage goes up to 900MB. If I comment the lines below, it stays about 90MB.

What am I doing wrong?



        Controller.numMusic = 5;
        //Load music:
        for (var i = 0; i < Controller.numMusic; i++) 
            let soundName:string = "music" + i;
            this.game.load.audio(soundName, "assets/audios/music/" + soundName + ".ogg");
        this.game.load.audio("menu", "assets/audios/music/menu.ogg");
        this.game.load.audio(ESounds.ACERTOU, "assets/audios/" + ESounds.ACERTOU + ".ogg");
        this.game.load.audio(ESounds.ERROU, "assets/audios/" + ESounds.ERROU + ".ogg");
        this.game.load.audio(ESounds.ANDANDO, "assets/audios/" + ESounds.ANDANDO + ".ogg");
        this.game.load.audio(ESounds.CAINDO, "assets/audios/" + ESounds.CAINDO + ".ogg");
        this.game.load.audio(ESounds.CLICK_BT, "assets/audios/" + ESounds.CLICK_BT + ".ogg");
        this.game.load.audio(ESounds.CLICK_RUN, "assets/audios/" + ESounds.CLICK_RUN + ".ogg");
        this.game.load.audio(ESounds.GRAB_ARTIFACT, "assets/audios/" + ESounds.GRAB_ARTIFACT + ".ogg");
        this.game.load.audio(ESounds.PUT_ARTIFACT_ALTAR, "assets/audios/" + ESounds.PUT_ARTIFACT_ALTAR + ".ogg");
        this.game.load.audio(ESounds.BREAK_ARTIFACT, "assets/audios/" + ESounds.BREAK_ARTIFACT + ".ogg");


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I have no clue, it will still depend on final filesize come to think of it. For my own game  the music was pretty repetitive, so I would chop the unncessary and have an intro and chorus part and  loop those two using markers. the music went from 800kB to 100kB, but it depends on what kind of music you have if this will work or not. 

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I don't think it's unusual that the memory use is larger than the size of the compressed audio files. The browser needs to decode them before it can play them.

I'd guess the music accounts for most of that.

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It's best practice to stage loading files. 23mb is a lot to load right from the outset.

Try only loading sounds just before the scene where they are to be used. Then after that scene clear the cache before you load the new ones needed for the next scene.

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