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On ‎2‎/‎6‎/‎2018 at 4:08 PM, JTerry said:

Hey @MackeyK24,

I've been using the Unity3d to Babylon exporter and it's working great. Awesome job! I have a problem that I was hoping you could help me with though. When I export to Babylon with, it looks like the metalness doesn't translate. For example, if I create a sphere with Metallic at 1 and smoothness at 1 (or roughness at 0), I get black in Bablylon. I've tried Standard, Standard Roughness Setup, and Standard Specular setup and they all look the same. I've tried an HDR skybox too. Below are some screenshots. You can see that the sphere on the right is visibile in Babylon, but it has a Metallic & smoothness value of 0.

By the way, I'm using Unity 2017.3.

Any idea?



Yo @JTerry If you package up the scene in a Unity Package and send to me I will try to figure out whats going on :)


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Yo @JTerry ... I haven't heard from you... I think your problem is using the Default-Skybox from unity... that is a procedural skybox and the toolkit does not know how to create and setup the proper reflection textures... either use a NON unity procedure skybox... or set  your CUSTOM reflection texture  that you could prebake using any full image HDR panorama source image ... that is the BabylonJS->Cubemap Tool

Best to just prebake the six sided skybox and HDR reflection texture BOTH using the Cubemap Tool :)

I think I am going to add the Skybox material library item as a default skybox in the toolkit... so if you are using the unity default sky... I will try to make the Material Library skybox (which is procedural generated) as close as I can to the default unity skybox... that way you always have a valid Babylon skybox for reflections... YOU NEED A VALID BABYLONG JS SKYBOX FOR REFLECTIONS :)


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You need to git clone this project

Or you can just pull the unity package: 5/EditorToolkit/Redist/Asset Store-5.x/BabylonJS/BabylonJS Editor Toolkit.unitypackage

Just install the unity package from Unity. It's pretty straight forward. Let me know if you still have problems.

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Aw man this is a thing.  I have been coding in Babylon for like a month without the unity editor package, I thought I looked around for this but I guess not.  Wow.  Too late to start using it now :)

Maybe next project...

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