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Found 9 results

  1. I'm using the Babylon toolkit for Unity and I'm trying to use the script 'CameraRig.cs'. I've attached the script at the main camera, but nothing happen. Can someone help me to figure out how to add an orbit camera ? I'm developing a 3d viewer so the camera should only orbit around the object. I know how to do it babylonjs alone, but I don't understand how I can use the script in the toolkit. thanks
  2. Take a look at where I'm going with this and let me what you think. It is basically a heavily modified Babylon Unity Exporter Demo Video Link U3D - BabylonJS Game Editor Toolkit Quick Intro Demo API Update Warning: I tried to make it shorter, i took a deep breath and spoke as fast I could but it still took about 1 hour and 20 minutes. But the technical folks who are up to it and want to see how to use and how i put together a Manage Scene Component API with a light weight 'Unity-Style' life cycle with native babylon scene hooks for 'start, update and destroy' stages.
  3. Please post any BabylonJS Toolkit problems/issues you are having
  4. The BabylonJS Editor Toolkit is now available (Version 3.1 - Alpha) Starter Documentation Available: http://doc.babylonjs.com/resources/intro Hey guys, my latest toolkit is available for download. I still got ALOT of work to do on the documentation but the core toolkit as been submitted. The toolkit has been updated to support the latest Unity Editor : 2017.2 or greater. Known Issues/Future Features: 1... Terrain Builder A... Texture Atlas Support In the Shader. Currently glsl fract() leaves terrible edge seems. (Paging @Pryme8 and @NasimiAsl)
  5. Yo @Deltakosh and @Sebavan ... The first beta of the Babylon Toolkit Developer Portal (Also Available From Toolkit Menu: Developer Portal) website is now up. This site will be dedicated to babylon toolkit web game development. It is where i will HOST toolkit game projects, store developer files and training videos and maintain a Babylon Toolkit Developer Blog specifically for for toolkit features and demos. Check it out, tell me what you think
  6. hi i use unity create a simple scene one cube,sphere and plane bake the scene then use the export toolkit get three files .babylon file .manifest file and the bake light png picture file i drag the .babylon file to the sandbox , the web page show not as in the unity i check the tutorial in http://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/load_from_any_file_type still have no idea how can i import the babylon file and the png file make them work now i do not know how to use it can some help me? regards
  7. Still working on the Most important feature of all that started the whole toolkit design for me... My Unity Mechanim STYLE Frame By Frame Animation Posing System. IMPORTANT... NOT ACTUALLY RUNNING ANY UNITY MECHANIM ANIMATION SYSTEM AT RUNTIME I simply SCRAPE OFF as much information about the native Unity Animation State Machine As Design Time, Serialize that as metadata. Then my BABYLON.AnimationState class (from SceneManager Extension) uses my own implementation of a frame by frame animation state machine that can blend ANY pose from ANY animation track for ANY clip
  8. Hey guys... This is a little video to show some of my new Character Animation System features and MORE specifically WHERE I NEED HELP... Basically I new help Computing What should be animation.blendingSpeed from a transition duration time... Yo @Deltakosh PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO SO YOU CAN SEE EXACTLY WHAT I TALKING ABOUT Sorry for the capital letters... I just really want you to see this (WHEN YOU GET A CHANCE) Take a look: BabylonJS Toolkit - Animation System Help Required
  9. U3D - BabylonJS Editor Toolkit is now available as a unity package. Contains full toolkit including all source and templates. U3D - BabylonJS Editor Toolkit Available For Download Installation (So BabylonJS Editor Toolkit Is Listed For New Project Creation): ========================================== BabylonJS - Toolkit Binary Package ========================================== Place the 'BabylonJS' folder containing the .unitypackage in your Unity Asset Store folder: - Mac: ~/Library/Unity/Asset Store-5x/ - Windows: %AppData%\Roaming\Unity\Asset Store-5.x\ - Example: --->
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