.babylon file camera rotation

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just started with babylon and got an fbx file exported from blender to .babylon.
using `BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load` to get my object. 

The camera is rotation around its axis and instead I would like it to rotate around the object.

don't know how to use an external file for the car, but I hope you guys can at least look at the code and maybe spot something i'm doing wrong. 


thank you 

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Hi bogdanfer, welcome to the forum.

I did a little adjusting.  The camera in this rabbit test scene... is a free camera... not the best for orbiting a mesh.  Most people prefer ArcRotateCamera.

So, I made another camera at lines 28-34.  The camera at line 10 is ignored in this case.  It is there ONLY to avoid a playground warning.

For your scene, you may wish to make a new ArcRotateCamera just like I did. 

ArcRotateCamera's differ from FreeCamera's... a little bit.  Primarily, ArcCams have .alpha, .beta, and .radius properties.  FreeCams don't have those.

I hope this helps.  Holler if you have more questions.

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