AAG batch of games #3

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Here is my third batch of games. I don't know why I don't post these as I make them or even before I finish them to get feedback but here they are:

Robot Islands 2


The exclusive sequel to Robot Islands playable only on abcya.com



Joe Lost


Another abcya.com exclusive. Build stuff around Joe to help him reach the exit.



Adventure Tom


Help Tom grab the key and get the treasure.



Blue Turn


Here is an experimental thing. Flip the tiles over to turn them blue. There is an Easy Edition too.



Robot Islands Plus


Another Robot Islands game with some new surprises.





A refresh of one my oldest html5 games now with my signature graphics style :D, sound, music, and more levels!



Feed that Thing


Another refresh for one of my older games now with my signature graphics style :D, sound, music, and more levels!


I think that's it for now. If I missed something my catalog is at www.gamesaag.com. All games, except the abcya.com exclusives, are up for non-exclusive licensing. All of the music is made by Brother Android.

I hope you guys enjoy some of these games. All feedback is welcome. Will try to be more diligent on posting new games in the future :)


Note to GameMaker: Studio users: These where all made on GameMaker: Studio 1.4.1763. I keep using this version because the newer versions all seem to introduce more problems than solutions. And there is also the iOS 10.3 issue that wasn't fixable on later versions either. Do you guys recommend a newer version? How about GameMaker: Studio 2? How is the HTML5 on that? Is it really worth it? I appreciate your help.



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Nice! I've always thought your games have very interesting mechanics/gameplay. Nice job! Especially on getting exclusive licenses on some of your other games :) 


I'm currently using GameMaker: Studio 2. The performance is good! But there are still intermittent problems. Not to mention that it managed to adopt the same update-breaks-more-than-it-fixes routine from GMS 1. Although the most frequent updates haven't been as bad as in the first half of the year, and the fixes are rolling in one by one.


Overall it is much better and I am content with GMS2 at the moment.

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