Select mesh edges and vertices on mouse over

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>StageLeft: enters afalcon...

I know not what sir @Wingnut speaks except... that these playgrounds are pretty awesome.

The nudgies, confound. 

Super curious, @Arte what you are using this for?

Reason... wingy is correct:

Hover vertex and edges would be great for run-time-mesh-editor-behavior.

Is that what you are up to!?!

Anyway,  likes ... very much. :)

Fell into a Mesh Editing Mode trench recently,  and -->hover edge/vertex mode<-- would work very well there...

Problem was 15k nodes (above), but maybe hover saves editmode fps? 

Happy Holidays.

>StageLeft: aFalcon Exits...

UPDATE: insight on nudgies becomes clearer...with Z fighting. Thx.





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:)  Boxes only, @aFalcon.  The frame is derived from the bounding box.  Anything fancier, and Wingnut would get a brain tumor.  :)

A "nudge" is simply a tiny value added to positions... to avoid z-fighting.  On the #23 PG, the nudge/nudgie is the 'n' variable defined at line 203.  It is used in the next 6 position-setting code lines.

Exciting, eh?  :)  I'll try to turn ANYTHING into comedy.  'Nudgies' is surely not the correct term, but it's kind of fun to say.

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[ Wingnut points to the warning on the side of Babylon.Geometry class objects:  "Vertex-wrangling is known to cause brain tumors in adult Wallabies"  ]

heh.  You had dreams of trying to satisfy @aFalcon's "Let's use this to edit ANY mesh" proposal from hell, right?  ;) 

Didja know that aFalconoid is aRoboDroid?  Not only is he a robot, but he drinks top-fuel-dragster-grade nitro-methane ALL DAY LONG!   When he starts dreaming, small animals RUN!  :D

Just kidding, of course.  No, I hovered your morning post... there, and noticed that you dove back into vert-ville, and I ran for the hills.  (I spray Glade French Vanilla air freshener behind me while I run... as droids can't track me that way.)  :)

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he is correct... falcon is a bot.

New solution... "printing" vertices in 3d space... with freecam position: MOVE->click<-MOVE->click<-...

Then second button...dots become lines. Third...lines become ribbons...

4) animals return to vert-ville... because wild-west tamed by a team of d3-cowboys...

Lol, Vanilla bot joke is... classic! :D


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@Arte - great stuff above. 

Missing Edges: (interesting) looking into it... found it...

I owe you a playground with: quad-state R-G-B selection logic, under hoververts & edges...

UPDATE: have the code... needs to stuffs it into a playground...

not compatible(yet).



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My pleasure.  There may be 3rd and 4th options, too.

There's one "modification" I can tell you about.  IF you are willing to use non-actionManager "pick" (pointer down) instead of actionManager pointerEnterTrigger (mouse over)... then you can get a faceID from the click.

See console, while clicking the sides of the box.  For each box side, there are two triangular faces, of course.

By using this method, you can eliminate the panels.  Instead of case "panel1", case "panel2", etc... you can instead do case faceID == 0  || faceID = 1, etc.

It doesn't change much.  You can eliminate the 6 panels and their actionManagers.  Not a very large change... probably not worth bothering-with.  Just thought I'd mention it.  :)

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Congrats, Arte!  Nice work!  I bookmarked it 4 times.  Now what the heck do I name it, so I can find it again, later?  :)

Are you thinking about doing the same... with the faces?  Add-on feature?

Wait, what IS a "face"?  Is a face... triangular? 

What I mean... is the square/rectangle area, nothing triangular.

A "side", maybe?  Yeah, that's a better term.  :)

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I forgot to share it. :( All this I done some time ago.

For face pick I'm using scene.pick (it covers my needs) for now?!

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