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BJS does pretty well, under the right circumstances.  :)  (PG by Jerome, I suspect)

Eriky's question feels like a "How large am I allowed to dream?" question, eh?  It's difficult to predict WHERE JS/webGL will get "too slow"... and it's difficult to decide WHAT IS TOO SLOW?  Wingy been there.  Lives there.  :D  LOD is the boss... for these "high poly-count dreams", in many ways.

I SPECULATE... if a person 'manages' their LOD, layers, blend depths, post-processing, and camera maxZ nicely, they can triple the performance of a "fat coder" like Wingnut.  heh

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you just manage your scale and move or rotate condition per each mesh in vertex shader code (line 20 - 35 )

you can make more by SPS Too and More by GPU SPS  (very complicated ) again but in all GPU solution you miss collision and Physics 

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