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Udemy Course : Single and Multiplayer game development using babylonJs Tutorial

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Hi :D
I have just created a beginner's course on babylonJs on udemy named
"Single & Multiplayer Game Development in Webgl's BabylonJs"  

I took permission from @Deltakosh  to post the link on the forums 
Here you go :D ! 

Any comments are much appreciated,
Thanks !

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Unfortunately, no :(
It is aimed for beginners who are not familiar with the framework, at all and it only covers the basic multiplayer functionality of communication between clients and server :( 
I think this was clear from the titles of the different topics of the course that you could see before buying the course.
If you bought the course specifically for this purpose and you already know the other parts, feel free to refund :D and so sorry for disappointing you :D

I plan to add more to the multiplayer section but I don't think this will happen soon as I am quite busy nowadays

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