A new blockchain based HTML5 Game Distribution Platform

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Hi Everyone,

We have recently launched a new HTML5 game distribution platform, Steemgg.

Steemgg is a game distribution platform based on the STEEM blockchain. The STEEM blockchain is a content creation blockchain, where contents created on the blockchain will be seen by all the users of STEEM (and the rest of the world), and can receives upvotes from STEEM users. Each upvote is worth some monetary value. Therefore, the more people like and upvote your content, the more that you would earn.

Steemgg leverage this unique capability of STEEM and allows game developers to upload their games through our platform onto the STEEM blockchain, and in doing so, game developers get earnings for their creation through the means of upvotes. STEEM is one of the most used cryptocurrencies in the world, which can be converted to major currencies through many cryptocurrency exchanges. Because there is no out-of-pocket cost for the gamers, you are much more likely to receive rewards as oppose to asking them to buy your game. As a bonus, you will receive upvotes from our official @steemgg account even if no one else upvotes it, meaning you will be guaranteed a payout if you upload your game onto our site.

Currently, there are 1 million users on STEEM, and since the launch of our platform we have been very well received by the STEEM community. Everyone in the community is waiting for more games on our platform. Games that are uploaded in the next few months or so will be very well received!

So if you are interested in uploading your game onto our platform, you can create an account at, and then head to our site and start uploading!

For more information, you can check out an introduction of our project here: Otherwise, you can contact me by replying my post here, by private messaging me, or joining our discord channel if you have any questions.

We hope to see you and your game on our platform soon!

@stabilowl from the Steemgg Team

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Hi and welcome!

unfortunately, when i click the link i get : Sorry! This page doesn't exist.

So, can you explain here simply how it works and how much can we expect?
thank you in advance.

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Hi Totor,


Thank you for bringing me to attention about the link. I have fixed the link so you can have a look now. 

Basically, our platform works like this: Game developers upload their game onto our platform. Players everywhere can see it and play it. Players who are also Steem users can upvote on it if they like it. Each of their upvote is work something, depending on how much Steem they have invested. At the end of each posting cycle (7 days), the earnings from these votes goes into the developer's account. The developer can renew their post of the game, which allows the start of a new posting cycle, and so new users or the same users who likes your game a lot, can vote again. 

The amount you can earn currently depends mostly on the players who vote. For example, the first game on our platform a few days back had already gathered about $20 USD. Our official account currently only have the voting value of about $1 USD, so each game, each post would have a guarantee $1 vote from our account. However, we are in the process of trying to get sponsorship from Steemit Officials. Some current projects that have that sponsorship can give votes up to $100 USD per vote. This is the level of reward that is possible on Steem. 

Additionally, Steem has other initiative that is currently running, which allow game developers to earn in different ways, such as setting up crowdfunding, or being rewarded for open source contribution. I will be writing an article on it on our official blog, I can post a link here once it is published. 

We will also be running game jams in the near future, with sizable prices. I will be posting more information then. 

Hope that answers your question, and feel free to ask more! 


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