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(Solved) Need help translating AS2 code to HTML5

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I'm trying to translate this gotoAndPlay/array framelabel code from as2 into html5, but I'm not having much luck:

frameLabel = new Array()
frameLabel[0] = "repeat";
frameLabel[1] = "dontrepeat";

rand = random(frameLabel.length);

I got this html5 random array code from somewhere but couldn't make it work:

var frameLabel = ["repeat", "dontrepeat"];
var rand = frameLabel[(Math.random() * frameLabel.length) | 0];


Anyone can help?

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4 hours ago, charlie_says said:

I think you may need to floor your random

var frameLabel = ["repeat", "dontrepeat"];
var rand = frameLabel[Math.floor(Math.random() * frameLabel.length)];

<edit> or do what @milton said - I'd misread the "| 0"



He already does it with the bitwise OR.

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