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Objects might fall through despite of collision

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When game object reaches high speed on y axis it might fall through a ground layer(that supposed to be collided with).

Can I fix it somehow? Perhaps increase frequency of collision checking(Is it possible in Phaser?).

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If you use Matter:

You can adjust the number of iterations that Engine.update performs internally.
Use the Scene Matter Physics config object to set the following properties:

positionIterations (defaults to 6)
velocityIterations (defaults to 4)
constraintIterations (defaults to 2)


If you use Arcade you could just alter World.js a bit where it says (in update):


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So, I came up with a solution that works(so far). I just made a setInterval with callback(collider.update()) with 3ms(perhaps I can set more seconds) delay.
But there is still a performance problem. There is my loop and phaser loop, so I invoke update more, than enough.

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