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Jocly is a huge project which will be profitable, no doubt! ;)


This plateform is not only providing games, but also resources and engine for games developpers, webmasters, games designers...


Widgets, tutos and wiki to come soon.


Our last chess engine let us product variants very fast, and there a tons of chess variants expected by chess players. Just need time to let them know their dream came true ;)


Will come back today or tomorrow with the most played chess in the world: Xiang Qi (chinese chess)

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On 9/10/2018 at 5:28 AM, taproum said:

Hi, I really love Makruk. I would love to have one website for only Makruk game. Will you sale it? Thanks 


jocly games are made to be shared and embeded if you like.

you can build a site and embed a makruk board. You will only have the "play against computer" but soon Jocly should come with a new version including player server.

If you want more specific developments you can write to


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