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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, another new chess variant, this one comes from Thailand and is called Makruk. Hope you'll like it! jerome post: http://www.jocly.com/makruk play it: http://www.jocly.com/#/play/makruk attached: 2d and 3d skins + cheat sheet
  2. Hi, I ported my game from Flash/AIR to HTML5. It's SparkChess, a chess game with single-player and multiplayer capabilities. The game is written in Typescript. I chose it because it was more similar to Actionscript and because I wanted to keep my sanity (for large projects Javascript is a pain). The AI engine is written by me, it's fast and strong enough for most players. It uses web workers. The multiplayer part uses websockets, with Union Platform (wonderful Java multiplayer server with Javascript client, too bad it doesn't seem to be actively developed). There's a free version online and we also have a Premium version with extra features, such as the rotatable 3D board that uses Three.js. I also created desktop versions for Win & Mac using Electron (previously NWjs but Electron seems to have more & better tools) and also for mobile using Cordova.
  3. Video: YouTube Update: Big thanks to Freank from indiexpo.com who helped me completely rework the graphics! Let me know what you think! I think it makes a big difference. Also, local multiplayer was added. Hello HTML5GameDevs! Htmlhigh5.com is back with another game after a long time! This time with a puzzle/strategy game. I recently got second place in a rather large AI programming challenge, and I decided to make a game out of the challenge! I did have to dumb down the bot so it is beatable though. Let me know what you think! Play Here: Tower Capture
  4. Hello. This is my game early version. Still absolute no graphics, just programming Added the image how it looks now. The turrets can shoot and damage the armies And this is my Goal:
  5. Hi, I'm making a chess prototype. I'm having trouble with overlap. To make it simple, first I wanted to display a board and a pawn outside the board. The pawn is drag able. I wanted to achieve something like this: if the pawn is dragged on (so in other words if it overlaps) tile number 1 it will stay on this position, if not it will go back to the original position. It kinda works. But the problem is it accepts also the position slightly outside of a tile. How can I make this work properly? Also how (in elegant way) can I put the pawn into the center of the tile when the pawn overlaps the tile. Code snippet: onDraggingStart = (sprite: Phaser.Sprite, pointer: Phaser.Pointer) => { this.game.canvas.style.cursor = "grabbing"; this.savePosition(); }onDraggingStop = (sprite: Phaser.Sprite, pointer: Phaser.Pointer) => { this.game.canvas.style.cursor = "grab"; if (!this.checkOverlap(sprite, this.board.children[0])) { this.position.x = this.positionX; // it does not overlap -> go back to the original x this.position.y = this.positionY; // go back to the original y } }// the problem is with this functioncheckOverlap = (spriteA, spriteB) => { var boundsA = spriteA.getBounds(); var boundsB = spriteB.getBounds(); return Phaser.Rectangle.intersects(boundsA, boundsB);}Here is the screen shot of the original position: http://imgur.com/3pppLjC And accepted (but wrong) position: http://imgur.com/SL0PyZ0 EDIT: OK, I found how can i center the sprite after release. It can be done by this line of code: this.input.enableSnap(64, 64, false, true, 7.5, 5);But still, I'm looking for an answer how to get more precise overlap. How can I accept changing position only if whole pawn is released inside the tile, not just piece of it?
  6. Hello, I just discovered phaser. For my first test project I wanted to create some kind of 2d chess game. To make it simple, for my first task i decided to display board and a pawn. And assign to this pawn moving rules. As you all probably know pawns move forward by 1 tile and on their first move they may advance by 2 squares. I managed to display sprites representing board and a pawn. I've enabled dragging to pawn sprite and I'm stuck. Now in my application you can drag the pawn and drop it anywhere, even outside the board. I need any advice/hint how can I force the pawn to go back to previous position if the user drop it on wrong square. I didn't found any examples on this forum or on the front page, how can I achieve that. Can you help a little?
  7. Chess Collects Stars is my first HTML5 game. It's a puzzle game based on chess, you collect stars with the pieces, solving puzzles and stuff . The game (clay.io) link: http://ccs.clay.io/ I've released it on some platforms, but it hasn't received any views, I guessed I could share it here too, so some of you may like it . I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
  8. This is my first ever game, its built in Phaser and Javascript Its done enough to work and play well, needs minification, bundling, etc http://www.battleofhoth.com It's based upon the Lego board game set 3866 and follows its rules I photographed the set for the main sprites It's 2 player but I'd like to build the AI for vs CPU code is on bitbucket, any collaboration would be welcome Steve
  9. Feldspar is an abstract turn-based board game with an AI opponent. It's like Chess in that you take turns moving pieces with different abilities, and it's like Go in that you place blocks on the board to trap your opponent. If your opponent can't move but you can, you win! Feldspar is written with libGDX and the Google Web Toolkit, so it's cross-compiled from Java into JavaScript/WebGL. You can play it at http://feldspargame.com. It'll also be out for iOS and Android shortly. You need kind of a fast desktop since the opponent AI takes quite a bit of CPU cycles. There is also a blog which describes some of the process of making the game with libGDX: http://blog.puzzlingplans.com Enjoy!
  10. Looking for an artist for a chess game for children, with cute graphics in style of Kingdom Rush or Minecraft. Profit sharing possible. Thank you!
  11. Hi everyone, we’ve been working hard on optimization for the king of the games: chess. It has been 100% revisited. We shared about our technical researches. We are talking about Low Poly Retopology and 3D normal maps: http://www.jocly.com/node/374 About the game, here is a presentation video: If you want to give it a try you can play here: http://www.jocly.com/#/play/classic-chess Includes basic jocly features: - play vs computer, friends or other jocly users - chat room - video chat (WebRTC) - recorded games for replay - embedding tools - development tools Feedback very welcome Thanks. jerome
  12. Hello! I have an open source turn based strategy game that's running quite an old version of Phaser 1.1.3. I tried migrating to version 2.0.5 today but I couldn't pull it off and ended up reverting my attempt. I'm rather noobish when it comes to Phaser, so I could really use some help porting to the newer version. You'll get credited and also receive reputation points and will share your website on the project's own website and such. The github is https://github.com/FreezingMoon/AncientBeast - issue https://github.com/FreezingMoon/AncientBeast/issues/718 Official website http://AncientBeast.com - I'm constantly on Freenode in #AncientBeast channel, any help greatly appreciated! I've attached a rather old screenie below :-)
  13. Hi, if you like crazy chess variants, you may try this 5x5x5 Raumschach, availble online in 3D if you have WebGL, or 2D, but it might be even more crazy... Play Raumschach online here: http://www.jocly.com/#/play/raumschach jerome
  14. This is a turn based strategy game where two players will battle in a board game environment. It plays out sort of like chess but instead of trying to kill a king, you try to control specific areas to collect bones (points). The game is based in a fantasy world and uses old school retro looking graphics. Hope you will check it out and play a couple games with us. Any feedback is appreciated. GAME PLAY LINK: http://www.bonelands.com
  15. Here we go again with a futuristic chess variant. Well, that's the future of the past... Rollerball Chess! http://www.jocly.com/rollerball-chess to play: http://www.jocly.com/#/play/rollerball-chess jerome
  16. Hi, after hexagons, here comes the amaaaaaazing circular #chess http://www.jocly.com/modern-circular-chess
  17. Hi, another chess variant, with hexagonal board! Try if you dare http://www.jocly.com/glinski-chess Jerome
  18. Hi, just released a new chess variant: Shako All the details are here: http://www.jocly.com/shako Available in 2D and 3D (webgl) with chat rooms and video chat. Any feedback very welcome jerome
  19. Hi, a new chess variant on our platform: not very well known in the West, Xiangqi, Chinese chess, is the most played game in the world. You really should try! All the details available here: http://www.jocly.com/xiangqi (you might need to read a few things if you don't know the game) Direct access to the game: Play now
  20. Hi Just wanted to show you my chess endgames website, where chess players can practise their endgame skills. It's of course developed in HTML5 :-) All in all it works fine, but there are some small problems when it's viewed on tablets. For example, although I use Modernizr, the top menu still renders a little wrong on an iPad, but perfect in modern desktop browsers. Check it out, and let me know what you think: http://chessendgames.com Best wishes Bo.
  21. Hi, we just released a new chess variant called Courier Chess (12th century) We worked a lot on textures and pieces low poly generation, in the end the scene has less than 30.000 faces, which makes it very fluid. Feedbacks very welcome. Thanks, jerome Direct access to game: http://www.jocly.com/#/play/courier-chess More details in our post: http://www.jocly.com/node/378 Technologies: webgl, threejs, html5, angularJS Tools: Blender
  22. Hi there, we come back with a 2nd 3D game upgrade on Jocly platform: chess! We are very happy with the rendering, what do you think? You can play it here: http://www.jocly.com/jocly/hubdemo/chess If you don't have a compatible browser or graphic card for WebGL, here is a demo video: jerome
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