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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, i'm trying to create a configurator for furniture based on this model : https://xboxdesignlab.xbox.com/fr-fr/customize?productid=900WZDF9XJVG but i didn't find how to create the ui on the right. Can we interacte whis the scene with html ? if its possible how do i do ?
  2. Ok all, ANOTHER dumb question(s(?)). I keep reading about Phaser, JavaScript, TypeScript and Nodejs and this and that and how all somehow magically integrates with Phaser, compilers and web pages (HTML5) to simplify the programming. Well I am not a magician and I don't even have my outfit yet. Think Harry Potter meeting Hagrid for the first time. I'm Harry and Hagrid is Phaser. Diagon Alley is where these magical tools reside and I'm still waiting for my ticket to catch the Hogwarts Express where all will be revealed. So I'm excited, a little(?) bit unsure and looking forward to learning so much but I haven't even got a single thing for Hogwarts. I do have a Public Library card, aka Google, and have been using it. I'm looking to use Phaser Editor which will simplify things under the bonnet for me. Is that my ticket to Hogwarts? So do I need to worry about the above or just go for it and get my fingers dirty with coding? And then just pick things up along the way as my needs grow? I'm afraid that I could keep procrastinating for ever about my best entry point into Phaser. Help! I think that I have answered my own question but second opinions appreciated. Thanks PS: Anyone from Slytherin need not respond
  3. Hey , this is a verry early stage of a little pythonscript to make the work with Babylon a little bit faster. Its a CLI wich makes it easy to create a bisc proejct structure ( including a simple webserver ), add basic shapes, include .babylon files and add a prototype class for more complex objects. https://github.com/steffenkre/babylonbackbone Here are the parameters: new <name> creates a new project newclass <name> creates a new prototype class in man.js newplane <name> creates a simple plane in middle of the scene newcube <name> creates a simple plane in middle of the scene newmesh <name> imports a new .babylon mesh from the assets Folder What do you think about it? Whats missing?
  4. Hi everyone, I recently found out about Phaser and I'm in love Quick questions: - How do you guys handle a static UI? Sprites/Text inside a group? - I would also like a menu when clicking on an object (think right-click menu). I'd like to move the container to the location of the mouse and "hide" when clicking "outside" that object. Would a sprite be the right way to go about it? Killing it to hide it? - I'm trying to use http://www.kenney.nl/assets UI Asset pack, but I'm not sure how Phaser handles the TextureAtlas XMLs. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hello, I started working on a game using pixi.js and I'm currently thinking about possible solutions for the user interface. My first approach was to do complete user interface (such as HUD) in pixi.js, but I stumble upon some problems with text: differences of appearance in different browsers (in firefox it looks more sharp then in chrome, also text size measurements seem to be a lit different ) which makes it hard to do pixel-perfect interface. I guess switching to bitmap fonts would solve this but we're going to support Chinese which from my experience requires huge font atlas bitmap (I don't say no but it's a con). Another approach would be to use DOM for that, but I'm concerned about performance on mobile devices when we use some images with transparency on top of canvas. Or maybe I shouldn't worry about that? Also combining both DOM and canvas doesn't "feel" good for me. Maybe you can share your experience on how to handle this kind of problems. Thanks in advance!
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