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Found 2 results

  1. Hello guys, I'm Hipreme(aka MrcSnm). I have some experience developping some games, and over the time I developed these games I found some need of having a tool that would generate enum for acessing my resources via intellisense. This tools is Licensed on LGPL 3 In every game I developed, at some time, I wrote some code for storing in variables the path for my resources or some easier access. By thinking in this problem, I created one tool that is meant to help every game developer in any language by dynamically updating these resource enumerators when you drag'n drop in your folder a new resource. This tool is very customizable for your needs by accessing its generated file 'settings.config', it is a jar executable that will create one system tray icon on your notification area(already tested on Windows, but I think that it should work on Unix like systems). I already was able to make enums for Javascript, JSON, C++, C, Java and the default one C#. Everything just by tweaking the configs. In this tool you will set an Input path, then the executable will start to listen to this input path. After that, you can set one output path for where the generated file will be created. Every time you save the config file, or drag'n drop some file in a folder that is being listened, it will update the enum generated. That's all folks, hope this tools can help in your development. Access for this tool: https://github.com/MrcSnm/ResourceEnumGenerator
  2. Ok all, ANOTHER dumb question(s(?)). I keep reading about Phaser, JavaScript, TypeScript and Nodejs and this and that and how all somehow magically integrates with Phaser, compilers and web pages (HTML5) to simplify the programming. Well I am not a magician and I don't even have my outfit yet. Think Harry Potter meeting Hagrid for the first time. I'm Harry and Hagrid is Phaser. Diagon Alley is where these magical tools reside and I'm still waiting for my ticket to catch the Hogwarts Express where all will be revealed. So I'm excited, a little(?) bit unsure and looking forward to learning so much but I haven't even got a single thing for Hogwarts. I do have a Public Library card, aka Google, and have been using it. I'm looking to use Phaser Editor which will simplify things under the bonnet for me. Is that my ticket to Hogwarts? So do I need to worry about the above or just go for it and get my fingers dirty with coding? And then just pick things up along the way as my needs grow? I'm afraid that I could keep procrastinating for ever about my best entry point into Phaser. Help! I think that I have answered my own question but second opinions appreciated. Thanks PS: Anyone from Slytherin need not respond
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