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Found 6 results

  1. Hello fellow devs, For those of you who use Construct 2 to develop their games, I'd like to share the Google Analytics Plugin which I made. It allows you to track demographics, session duration, and behavior of your players. You can also send custom events and timings. You may download the plugin here Also, sample capx project is available And finally, here is the help page describing how to set things up. I hope you find it useful
  2. Hola, So I tried integrating GA into my latest game for some stats tracking based on official google docs. I got the page views and events working but my metrics show up as "not set" for some reason. Here's my set up: Here's the code I set up: TrackPageView: function(inPage, inTitle) { if(!this._IsInitted || !this._IsEnabled) { return; } ga('send', 'pageview', inPage); if(typeof inTitle !== 'undefined') { ga('set', 'title', inTitle); } console.log("GA PageView: [" + inPage + "][" + inTitle + "]"); }, TrackEvent: function(inCategory, inAction, inLabel) { if(!this._IsInitted || !this._IsEnabled) { return; } ga('send', 'event', inCategory, inAction, inLabel); console.log("GA Event: [" + inCategory + "][" + inAction + "][" + inLabel + "]"); }, //https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/analyticsjs/custom-dims-mets TrackEventVar(inIndex, inValue) { if(!this._IsInitted || !this._IsEnabled) { return; } var i = 'metric' + inIndex; //ga('send', 'event', inCategory, inAction, { // i: inValue //}); ga('set', i, inValue ); console.log("GA EventVar: [" + i + " = " + inValue + "]"); }, And here's where I use it: sGA.TrackEventVar(1, Math.floor(playTime)); sGA.TrackEventVar(2, Math.floor(sStats.FollowerSpawnedTotal)); sGA.TrackEventVar(7, Math.floor(sStats.BlueFlowersCollected)); sGA.TrackEventVar(4, Math.floor(sStats.FollowersDied)); sGA.TrackEventVar(3, Math.floor(sStats.FlowersCollected)); sGA.TrackEventVar(5, Math.floor(sStats.BunniesKilled)); sGA.TrackEventVar(6, Math.floor(sStats.SnakesKilled)); sGA.TrackEvent("Game End", "GameEnd", "Game WON"); sGA.TrackPageView("/gather-game-end-win", "GATHER Game WON"); Both Event and PageViews report properly, and the metrics under "Audience -> Custom -> User Defined" show up as "(not set)" Any idea?
  3. Howdy, I want to track some gameplay stuff for my game, like how long gamers are playing, if certain key events were reached, choices made etc. Are there any online services that provide a JS API I could use? Don't want to re-use the wheel. I know there's Yahoo's Flurry and Google Analytics, but they don't seem like the best fit for tracking gameplay stats. Unity also has stats, but it's for Unity games (currently using Phaser). Put a request to Clay.io but it's invite-only. And looking at Playtomic, but it rcently ended official support so not sure if it's the best solution (reading on the new open source thing you set up on your own server. Trying to set it up Heroku and it's pretty confusing, not understanding how it all works together) I tried searching but not getting much luck outside of these, and would rather not build my own PHP/DB and API again. Thanks for suggestions!
  4. I know this is a new topic which applies to all 3D websites in general. I've searched the world and beyond (google) and have found nothing on the subject, which is not surprising. Does anyone have any tricks to make a 3D website SEO friendly? For example, if you have a scene with 4 different rooms, it would be neat if those 4 rooms could be accessed by 4 different URLs. That means users can bookmark those locations, go Back, refresh and search engines can index them. This is also useful for stuff like Facebook open graph and standard web analytics frameworks. There are currently no standards for 3D SEO. I think its about time we come up with some
  5. Hello folks, I'd like to ask if anyone used an analytical service like Flurry, which would track the web host from where the game was loaded? Maybe I missed something, but in Flurry I saw no hosting statistics for web apps and Google Analytics seems to be site bound ( am I wrong here? ) Whereas it would be nice to assign a single tracking id and then see in centralized fashion how many gameplays this and that site brought. Something like Mochibot in the Flash world! Thanks!
  6. Ahoy fellow game devs! I have been using google analytics for a while, but I often find myself scratching my head when trying to answer certain questions about user behavior in games, e.g., retention / churn / funnel analysis. I was curious about what (if you use any) analytics services you use, and what the pros / cons are.
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