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Found 3 results

  1. Howdy. I don't see to be able to access the materials associated with meshes in a gltf file while using the addMeshTask method. This was working as recently as yesterday. Has something changed in the last day?
  2. Hi All, I tried to load my babylon file using Asset Manager, var assetsManager = new BABYLON.AssetsManager(scene); var meshTask = assetsManager.addMeshTask("model task", "", "models/", "myModel.babylon"); meshTask.onSucess = function(task) { task.loadedMeshes[0].position = new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 0, 0); engine.loadingUIText = "Loaded asset " + task.loadedMeshes[0].name; console.log(task.loadedMeshes[0].name); } assetsManager.onTaskError = function(task) { console.log("error on Loading" + task.name); } assetsManager.onFinish = function(tasks) { consloe.log("Finished"); engine.runRenderLoop(function() { scene.render(); }); }; I keep getting error message "Error on Loading" with the task name. While I tried to load it using ImportMesh, and Append, Both loads the file without a problem, Any reason why AssetManager is giving me this error ? Also, how will I find more details abut this error ? Looking forward for answers
  3. Hello there. I want to present you an assets manager tool for Sublime Text and Brackets: Phaser Editor. Yes, Phaser Editor is a complete editor by itself, but it does not mean that you, lover of sublime, brackets or whatever editor, cannot take advantage of many of the tools bundled in Phaser Editor, specially the Asset Pack manager. (You can go straight to the article: http://phasereditor.boniatillo.com/blog/2015/11/phaser-editor-with-sublime-text ) This is not a new concept at all, I am pretty sure you are not creating your draws with sublime, else with an specialized tool like inkscape or illustrator. Let's see the case of Unity, a common setup is to use the Unity editor to manage assets, create the scene, export, etc... but to code the logic is recommended to use MonoDevelop which is an external tool. With Phaser Editor it is similar, you can use this tool to manage your assets, search API doc with Chains, optimize png images, create texture atlas, audio sprites, test/modify the Phaser examples, and at the same time you can edit the JavaScript files in the editor of your choice just like you do every day. In this post and video I show you some tips to get advantage of Phaser Editor when you prefer to code in your favorite editor.
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