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Found 3 results

  1. Coding: HTML5/Construct2 Game: Capture the key and run away! -You cant colliding with white balls -Capture the key and reach the escape label Browser demo Google play android game


    PONGIS is a simple and addictive ball game that runs in mobile and desktop browsers. While graphics are held simple, the underlying behavioral "psychology" of the AI opponents creates a unique game personality. www.pongis.com
  3. Hi there so I'm new in game development and I'm trying to make a phaser game that utilizes accelerometer to control a ball through a maze and shoot it into a predefined hole. I completed the game in desktop and it works fine. However when I install it into android mobile using cordova the game lags and the ball pass through walls and worse is that the ball sometimes pass through the screen totally destroying the game. How can I solve this physics glitch? And How can I make run faster? I'm using old Phaser version 1.1.3 and CANVAS Here's my code https://github.com/kenblanco31/accelerometer-game Thanks!
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