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    PONGIS is a simple and addictive ball game that runs in mobile and desktop browsers. While graphics are held simple, the underlying behavioral "psychology" of the AI opponents creates a unique game personality. www.pongis.com
  2. Hello! I'd like to introduce you my first game made with Phaser - "Football juggle" The game is simple simulator of football freestyle juggling tricks Player should make different juggling tricks to draw a crowd and impress them. Advanced tricks gather more people and gives the player more applause points. Tap or click under the ball to kick it, closer click will kick the ball harder. Web version can be found here https://play.idevgames.co.uk/game/football-juggle/ And there is an android version https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kpded.footballjuggle I would appreciate it if you provide me with the feedback, focused on the following areas: - Did you get any bugs, especially with scaling behavior? - Are controls clear? Does introduction training in the game help? - Is gameplay dull? Is it monotonous? - What could you advice to enhance the game experience? A couple of screenshots A short gameplay video The game is optimized for mobile browsers
  3. Hey all, I finally have a game up and live in the wild! I've been using Phaser at home for quite a while, and this was the first opportunity I had within a work context (I work at a digital agency in the UK) to produce a game and get paid for it. It's called Willie or Won't He and is based on a referee called Willie Collum who is well known for sending players off, so we wanted to create a game which involved 'sending off' players by smashing them in the face with a red card I did it using the standard arcade physics engine which made for some interesting difficulty with hitboxes on rotated sprites, and has convinced me to use P2 for my next project. The other difficulty was no fullscreen on apple devices - how have other people gotten around keeping fixed aspect ratio on mobile devices? My personal top score is 48, but I know the theoretical top score is much higher than that - Any takers? http://willie-or-wont-he.com/ Cheers, Jake
  4. Punt Hooligan is out today! The game is very simple. Kick the ball as far as you can to collect coins! You can spend the coins in the store to buy sweet hats, new balls, and even some terrain modifications to boost your distance. Aim for the highest score! Also for you pro MLG gamers out there you can press the MLG button on the bottom right to enter MLG Hardcore 1337 MODE Let the Doritos and Mountain Dew flow through your veins. Hope you enjoy! Play Here: Punt Hooligan Thanks, hope you enjoy!
  5. Hey guys! I wanted to show of our latest game to you. It's (yet another) penalty shooter with the current European Championship as it's theme. The game is fully made with Phaser, and we used Intel XDK / Crosswalk to make the Android App, never have thought It would be so easy! Like I said, it's a penalty shooter, you pick your team, progress trough the map of France and try to be the European Champion while beating 7 of your opponents to a pulp. And now for some shameless self promotion: In order to make this game (an any other HTML5 game at Orange Games) we decided to opensource a lot of the plugins we use in our games. For this game we used the following plugin to make it a success: Phaser spine All The players are animated in spine by our awesome artists! Phaser ads Simple wrapper we use for Adsense/DFP for web ads, and HeyZap for our in-app ads Phaser cachebuster For our games we use rolling releases to update any issue fixes as quickly as we can, browser cache really is a **** to work with for games like this, so we use cacheBusting to make sure all user get's the latest version Phaser nineslice High performant ninesnlice/9patch/thingy plugin, one image that fits all buttons! Enough text, let get playing! Web: http://spele.nl/euro-football-kick-2016-spel/ Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kgn.eurofootballkick2016
  6. Soccer for Dumbs Soccer For Dumbs, Spritted’s new game for Android based on physics. We have used Phaser 2.4.6 for the game development, the Box2d plugin for the physics, TexturePacker to create the SD and HD atlas, and the phaser-debug plugin to optimize and correct errors. In order to adapt it to Android we have used Crosswalk latest version which offers quite an acceptable efficiency. The mechanics of the game are very simple; the first one to score five goals wins, but your moves will be very limited because in Soccer for Dumbs you can only move by jumping- There are different playing fields: a snow-covered field, an indoor track, a field with giant goals… And there are also different kinds of balls: a rugby ball, a tennis ball, a bowling ball… Download it for free here
  7. Hello, I'm new to this forum and also to Phaser. Well, I'd like to do a football (soccer) game where the field goes from left to right, not like Sensible Soccer where it goes up-down. The problem I have is I don't really know how to draw the field. I don't want it to be 'flat', but with some perspective (like fifa or pes), so I don't know if I should draw a field with tiles, or trying to draw with other techniques (I don't know which ones). Any advice will be appreciated.
  8. [sorry for double-posting this! I have learnt too late that I need a screenshot, even though it ws obviously stated in forum instructions. My bad!] Hi, everyone. This is our first 'serious' HTML5 game, made in Construct 2. It's a soccer penalty shooter, called...'Penalty Shooters': http://www.m.flashfooty.com/games/penalty-shooters/ Game was also published for Android, and got good result of 300,000 downloads. Any feedback is welcome.
  9. Hi there! To celebrate the World Cup, me and my friends will create internal game jams/challenge to create as many complete/polished football-themed HTML5 games as possible throughout the month. Although we say as many as possible, we predict it will be no more than 2 games a week to a total of 8 games by the end of World Cup Just before the World Cup starting, we finished one games called 'Goal Champion'! Updates will also be posted in this post. Check it out on our Total Football Games site. Hope you enjoy playing them! Site: http://www.tempalabs.com/football Finished Games: ================================================ CLOSING Our project is finally finished now, just one week after the closing of World Cup It's really intense experience though. We might have meet obstacle in the middle, but after finishing all the games, we learned a lot. We have better understanding of Phaser, our game development workflow, and our time management/priority issue. Hopefully we can do fun project like this again in the future
  10. With World Cup madness well and truly here, I knocked up this little game. Any feedback much appreciated. Tap the ball to kick it up in the air. Game over if the ball falls off screen. It is quite difficult but hopefully in a Flappy Bird kind of way Play it here: http://arcade.starfish.ie/footy Enjoy!
  11. Hey guys, Final game (for now ) Is there anywhere we can improve, things to fix and translations to change. Looking forward to the feedback! Hope you enjoy the game! Link - http://code-heads.co.uk/mobile/headers/
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