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Found 5 results

  1. I was looking for a good bunnymark example in phaser, but couldn't find a decent one, so I wrote one myself: There are two versions: Basic: http://phaser.io/sandbox/Pjdxyqzl/play all sprites have same scale, angle, rotation Custom: http://phaser.io/sandbox/dgCnSvCW/play all sprites have random scale, angle, rotation Two versions have the same code, but just different options set. - Click on the game to create bunnies. (Well, technically phaser-dudes) - There are options in preload to customize it. - All sprites are respawned from their original spawn point after they slow down. It
  2. Hi I'm trying a super simple animation test. http://betterdeveloperway.com/tests/phaser/ I'm using a strong PC with Core i7 CPU and 4GB RAM. It got very good HTML5 benchmark results. I've tested on Firefox and Chrome and even though it could hardly get any simpler, the smoothness is disappointing. I expected absoultey no stutter and no lag but every few seconds there's a tiny pause. I've also tested on two other strong machines. It's never 100% smooth. Switching between WebGL and Canvas doesn't matter much. The test is intended for a very high profile project, so the tolerance is abs
  3. Hi everyone, I need your help to understand advanced behaviors in Phaser. We're developing a big game with Phaser, we have many sprites, many layers and many animations. We have texts, and transparency too. Everything we need to make the game slow and with poor FPS We want to optimize the game one step after another, and we want to understand, too, what is the most consuming task. The game is currently running at 40 to 50 FPS on a desktop, with some minor slowdowns, but that is ok for us. On a mobile phone, even with big hardware (iPhone 5s, Xperia Z1, HTC One M8), it runs at 2 to 10 FPS,
  4. Hello I used to be an AS3 developer. I started a new project, so... why not try something new? I try different languages and frameworks, all for the web. So here are some bunny benchmarks. I know pixi has it's own, but most benchmark usually test only rendering power and not processing power. What can I say? You rule! Not only in rendering power, but more important in processing power.
  5. rich

    CanvasMark 2013

    Tests the HTML5 <canvas> rendering performance for commonly used operations in HTML5 games: bitmaps, canvas drawing, alpha blending, polygon fills, shadows and text functions. http://www.kevs3d.co.uk/dev/canvasmark/
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