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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I'm trying to use bitmap text with my webpack set up. Webpack changes the filenames of my assets which causes problems with pixi. When you load an xml file through pixi it tries to then parse bitmap text assuming that the png has the same name as the xml. In my case this is not true, so I'd like to parse the bitmap text myself (which pixi allows). But then how do I load the xml file? Again, if I use pixi it will try to do this automatically and fail (with errors). I also don't quite understand how ppl are using this automatic system that relies on the names of the xml and png being the same. If you don't hash your file names, then when you change that bitmap font, the user may grab the xml from the browser cache and load in the new png which will result in some weird looking text. So what method are you using to break the cache when you upload new assets? Maybe you can add query strings to the assets instead? Thanks!
  2. The BitmapText rendering used to be smooth and antialiased. now with updated Pixi, it looks horrible. I have enabled antialiasing in the options properties, but this only affects sprites, etc, it does not affect BitmapFont (if it does, it looks worse) Current Pixi: Pixi.js 3.0.6 - ✰ WebGL ✰ Previous Pixi: 2.2.6 Update: the jagged rendering is mainly visible when the element is rotated (antialiasing is not applied to the font)
  3. When I use bitmap font titleTxt = this.add.bitmapText(,,'eightbitwonder','Touch to Start!',44); It worked perfectly on Mozilla Firefox but it is not working on Google Chrome but when I replace that line of code with this tileTxt = this.add.text(300,300,'Touch to Start!'); it worked on both browser! I don't much experince with phaser so please help me to solve this or suggest an alternative way for using fonts!
  4. Hi! I have a problem of centering BitmapText after it has been updated with setText method and it's dimension changed. Does someone know how to do it? I have my text defined as:this.score = new game.BitmapText('0', {font: 'soupjustice64w'});this.score.position.x = game.system.width/2;this.score.position.y = game.system.height/2;game.scene.stage.addChild(this.score);And then I update it and want to set new position: this.score.setText('300');this.score.position.x = (game.system.width/2)-(this.score.textWidth/2);this.score.position.y = game.system.height/2;But this doesnt work :/
  5. This is probably most easily explained with an example. If I create sprite one, then bitmap text, then sprite two, I'd like the bitmap text to be above sprite one but bellow text two. Here's some code demonstrating what I mean: var sprite1 = game.add.sprite(0, 0, 'image');var bitmapText = game.add.bitmapText(0, 0, 'the text', styleObject);var sprite2 = game.add.sprite(0, 0, 'image');However, in this case bitmapText is always rendered on top, and sprite2 is above sprite1. In fact, no matter what I do, any bitmap text will always render on top of everything else. Is there any way to change this?