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Found 2 results

  1. This has been bugging me for some time now. I'm trying to recreate an imported mesh(box) using the MeshBuilder and the boundingInfo of the imported model. The issue happens when I start scaling the model(In 3Ds Max). Look at the following example: The meshes line up perfectly using the extendSize and centerWorld. But as soon as I start scaling the models, the following happens: I tried a few things without any success: Can this be done without any matrix magic?
  2. I think I've come across a bug with how SceneLoader handles positioning. Not sure yet whether this is BJS 2.4, or the FBXExporter code that is being used to generate a .babylon file from the FBX that I exported from Blender. When I load this file: using BABYLON.SceneLoader.load() I can't get the correct BoundingInfo for the lower equalizer bars (38_EQBars001); it provides the same bounding info as the upper equalizer bars (37_EQBars002). e.g. for (i = 0; i < myScene.meshes.length; i++){ myScene.meshes[i].refreshBoundingInfo(); console.log("found mesh with min: id = "+myScene.meshes[i].id+", "+myScene.meshes[i].getBoundingInfo().minimum.y+", and max"+myScene.meshes[i].getBoundingInfo().maximum.y); } returns the same min and max Y values for both equalizer meshes; even though they display correctly (e.g. not the same positions). If you analyze the JSON of the .babylon file; you'll notice the position values for both meshes are almost identical. What is different is the rotation quaternion for both meshes - which makes sense because to create the 2nd set of equalizer bars, I cloned the first set and then rotated them into position; Thus my theory at this stage is that either the FBXConverter or BJS 2.4 aren't taking this into consideration. I also read this forum: However, using setTimeout in conjunction with refreshBoundingInfo() doesn't seem to have any positive effect. The downside of this all is that I can't tangentially position this model next to anything else as I don't have correct bounding info. Any help would be much appreciated.