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Found 10 results

  1. Hello! I am new to programming in Babylon.js, and have for the past few hours been trying to lowering the rotation speed of the camera. I've tried setting panningSensibility, angularSensibility, maxCameraSpeed and cameraAcceleration (the last two don't seem to apply to ArcRotateCamera), but to no avail. Is there something I am missing?
  2. Hello people, I have the next problem, I'm making a little game with phaser 3, and I getting a strange behavior with the camera. I have a tiled map, 640x640, and a little sprite of 16px. So I'm trying that the camera focus the player a little closer and follow the player, but.... 1) When I try to zoom the camera to see the player, (passing a integer 2, 3 o 4 to the setZoom method) the camera distances itself more from the sprite, instead of get closer . With setZoom (1): With setZoom (2): 2) If I try to put a slower value,
  3. Hi, Does Babylon have any common Documentations/Widget_UI/Settings for switching between cameras and control panel (debug/fullscreen)? Is there any simple playground showcase how to include those widgerts like on this picture? Or should/must we hack (code) how it is made greetings
  4. Can anybody explain what is difference between WebVRFreeCamera vs VRDeviceOrientationFreeCamera Why should we use WebVRFreeCamera? Greetings Ian
  5. Hey guys, I thought I'd post this for anyone to use. I wrote this function for Away3D, and I just ported it to TypeScript to see if it would work with Babylon. Basically, you run the moveCamera function in your render loop. It takes a FreeCamera and a target mesh and follows the object around using easing. Mostly like the ArcRotate camera but it doesn't have a set distance. It sets a "goal" for (x,y,z) and eases to it. So you can use this to follow a character around or a ball, etc. Anyway, here's the code in TS. If this is useful to anyone I can take the time to create a fork and submit a P
  6. Hello everyone, I'm currently building an object viewer with BJS that utilizes a single ArcRotateCamera. I had to create manual control buttons for the camera, because apparently it can't be expected of the average web user to know how the simple concept of drag and drop works. So, I built 6 button to rotate the camera up, down, left and right and zoom in and out. The beta axis needed some special attention, because the application's state machine can have a state where upperBetaLimit and lowerBetaLimit are null, so the user can rotate past the top / bottom. This works fine with the mouse
  7. Hi I created the topic first in questions sections, but it seems to look like a bug now. so here is the original topic:
  8. Hello there, I have been around and around trying to come up with a camera to use. After looking at the work around's to make a camera work for my purpose I then decide another camera would be better, but then as I am looking at the work around's for this other camera, I either come back to the first or on to a third. So I need to take a break cause I am getting dizzy. I thought maybe I would make a post where I just share some of my camera dreams, please feel free to share any dreams of your own. Or if you have a recommendation, you are welcome to share. This Playground is represent
  9. Hello everyone, I would like to achieve a similar demo in babylonjs effect. Click on the Digit Transform camera view. How can I add text in the babylonjs scenes tag and add a click for it after the camera event. demo URL:https://sketchfab.com/models/8d212cd674a54d18ba624c9ed8be56f7
  10. Hi, I'm having a look at the excellent bGUI extension code. I'm wondering how Temechon did to display a vertical orthographic panel in front of the main scene. I'm just discoverying that a BJS scene has an array of active cameras : https://github.com/Temechon/bGUI/blob/master/src/GUISystem.js#L70 and meanwhile a single active camera. So I don't really get how two different cameras can be used in the same time ... I just don't get the global mechanism to tell the engine to render this, this and this with a camera and that, that and that with another one in the same scene, as I can't fin
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