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Found 3 results

  1. Hey! I'm working on a 3d multiplayer browser game where you and up to around 1500 (I say around because I'm still experimenting with the performance) other players explore and grow in a fantasy world. I'm still developing the game, but so far I've built in chat, some basic combat, the beginnings of a leveling system, movement, the ability to wield things, as well as a bunch of other things. I've been writing my own game engine as I go, but thankfully a lot of it is in place so these days I'm finally focusing on creating the content and trying to make something fun. Most fun
  2. Hi, Why was the chat room removed? A few people hang out in there, and while there's the occasional coding question, we mostly use it to socialize, which doesn't subtract much value at all from the forum but adds some to our lives. Is it a permanent deletion?
  3. Hi all, Thought I'd start a chat about zombie games. I'm making a zombie game as my next project. As an exersise in game development who wouldn't? Games can be dreadful or great, with or without zombies. So because zombies are all the rage some devs seem to push 'zombie' into the theme, and make some green faces and arrrgh! noises. Perhaps in the hope their game will get some more attention? Also I'm interested in the fascination with zombies. I know I'm fascinated with them. So who's making a zombie game? #;-()
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