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Found 13 results

  1. Garage Apocalypse is a survival, strategy game made for Dev Squad Jam. The theme was "One Room". In this game you need to balance between shooting zombies, keeping your doors reinforced and repairing car. When car is repaired up to 100% you can escape and you won the game. Play it here: http://gamedistribution.com/games/garage-apocalypse
  2. Hi All! I just wanted to introduce a game we created called Minako Vs Zombies. This is a platformer with a story line and a grand finale. If people like it, we plan to make a continuation game and progress the storyline even further. As a side note, I am an old school C++ developer and was quite resistant to HTML games... but when I was introduced to Phaser I felt like I was home! What an amazing framework this is. So much can be done in just a few lines of code. Here is the link to the Google Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.studioventdest.minak
  3. This is my new game for HTML5, Windows and Android. Enjoy it! HTML5: One Night to Survive Screenshot:
  4. Hey guys! I make this zombie game: https://pietrzakacper.github.io/Project-Nostradamus/build/ As you can see on the demo, zombies do not react on each other. For now they have only set of predefined points that they should move on. I calculate path to each point using EasyStar.js. My question is, how should I manage zombies movement, so they won't block themselves. I tried updating grid for EasyStar with zombies positions and recalculating path every frame ( or every certain time ) but this didn't work. I thought of implementing Boids algorithm ( mainly separation rule ) but I am not
  5. Hello world, First post here in html5gamedevs, but longtime reader, i just set up a new website and uploaded couple of games in there: www.jabadoogames.com. If you have spare time, please check the stuff out, any feedback is welcomed :). My games are also available for non-exclusive and exclusive licensing. Zombies are rising from their graves and are hungry, save yourself by shooting them with your shotgun by...TYPING. PLAY NOW
  6. Hi all, I have been working on a zombie game and is nearly ready to launch. The game will be about surviving zombies and leveling up. On each level up the player gets more powerful and can unlock new levels, zombies, weapons. There will be new zombies on every 5 levels and there will be new maps on every 10 levels. It will be fun so stay tuned! Level Select Added the weapon selection menu and minimap. This is one of the stress tests I did and I am using it as a screenshot for everyone to
  7. Truly the most basic game of all, don't touch anything. Post your score. Dodge: Zombies
  8. Hello everyone ! Here is my very first HTML5 game on google play, Space Zombies Space Zombies is a game that takes you through a journey in space. In this adventure ,you encounter Zombies! But don't worry , not all zombies are bad , there are also good zombies .Red zombies are the good guys, and green zombies are the bad ones. Now, things aren't that simple in space. You'll discover that these zombies can moonwalk (move in reverse).While moonwalking , zombies will swap their colors from green to red and red to green. So the bad zombies would be disguised as the good ones and vice versa. th
  9. Hello, I'd like to introduce you my new game Gold'n'Zombies. The basic goal is to collect all gold nuggets, find hidden treasures and don't die. It's a platformer game with platforms, ladders, ropes, elevators, teleports, zombies, etc. but with one exception - you can't jump. Instead of jumping you are able to dig holes. You can fall through those holes or you can use them as traps for zombies which are trying to catch you. Everyone who is interested can try a demo here: http://games.1-easysoft.com/GoldNZombies/
  10. Hi all, Thought I'd start a chat about zombie games. I'm making a zombie game as my next project. As an exersise in game development who wouldn't? Games can be dreadful or great, with or without zombies. So because zombies are all the rage some devs seem to push 'zombie' into the theme, and make some green faces and arrrgh! noises. Perhaps in the hope their game will get some more attention? Also I'm interested in the fascination with zombies. I know I'm fascinated with them. So who's making a zombie game? #;-()
  11. Halloween is here again! We decided to have a bit of fun and build a little videogame for you. If you like zombies and you like Pac-Man, you're going to love: It's a spooky update to the 80s coin-op classic, made in 24 hours with PlayCanvas. PLAY NOW Or check out the project here. Have a spine chilling day! Will
  12. Shall I ditch this concept? Seems all too hard just now. You are in a spaceship and need to get to the weapons facility, You unlock the door and then shoot heaps of zombies. I'm working on the shoot-zombies code/scene now. I'm not sure I can see my own idea - if that makes any sense. Just need someone to have a go at it I suppose. By the way the combination is Blob, Tick, Heart, Star. At the moment the buttons show underneath the spiral - but they should be on top. When the door opens, that's as far as I've got. The noise is annoying too. Then you are supposed to go into the weapo
  13. I just finished my latest game, Dr. Hanta the Zombie Killer. Here is the story: Controls: Movement: Arrows or WASDShoot: Left or Right mouse clickStart/Restart: SpaceThe zombies gets stronger and stronger at every second. Red zombies have slightly higher hp than simple white ones. Also there are some big zombies, they have 10x more hp than other zombies. You have a minigun (with infinite ammo) and a jetpack which has limited fuel (but it recharges by time). All of the images, sounds were made by me, except the theme music, which is from opengameart (from user yd). Screenshot: Play i
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