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  1. Hello everyone, just thought I'd let everyone know I'm putting together a YouTube tutorial about developing a Street Fighter game from scratch using vanilla JavaScript. At the time of writing, I'm currently on part 3 of the series where I go into ES modules and object oriented programming. Why not have a look and let me know what you think? ?
  2. Hello, I am a Phaser 3 game developer and this is my third game (not finished yet). I am at a point where I can show my "in development" game to pubic so I can receive input. Right now I am already making adjustments but I am open for hidden bugs, comments etc so be my guest... So the game itself is a mobile/desktop platformer with a cartoony look. It is about a boy who has to save his brother from strange creatures after he gets kidnapped in an appletree...that's the beginning of the game. During this the story also reveals something about why his brother has been kidnapped and such. It even has a moral outcome at the end (if you manage to play it through). So yeah I'd love to have people who will visit my page and simplt give it a go, even if you just play like a few minutes I would be happy with it if you just give your thoughts. So enjoy and if you want to share comment I would even be happier! https://retrodries.itch.io/jimmys-wild-apple-adventure Here are some pictures of the game
  3. Hello! I got referred to this forum by someone in a Discord that I'm on, didn't realize there was a community for browser-based developers! I've been working on Genfanad (Generic Fantasy Adventure) for a couple of years now, and while very buggy, it's almost completely playable -- I've run a few alpha tests with dozens of people online and interacting at once. Tech-wise, it's as simple as possible. Vanilla JS, Three.JS for graphics, Socket.io for networking, and not really anything else. As you can probably tell, it's directly inspired by Runescape Classic -- an MMO that launched as a Java Applet in the browser in 2001. I'm taking cues from it -- play from anywhere in a browser, simple UI and controls, bright and colorful graphics, and an emphasis on building new content quickly! The splash site is found at http://genfanad.com/. If you're interested in chatting or trying the alpha, please feel free to join our discord (https://discord.gg/uN3Vvsv)! I can answer any questions you'd like.
  4. Good evening world I'm new to posting anything like this online so bare with me if I meander a bit I'd like to present little something I've been working on for the last 5 weeks. In short, It's a work in progress incremental game about exploring space called Top Fuel Spacer. In long, It's an incremental game with a vast scope. The end game vision, is to have an incremental game with a tone of content. Tasks (i.e. Quests), collectibles, achievements, characters, customization, random generation, ui themes, prestige, conversation trees, research, engineering, building, hacking, mining, attacking, defending and chatting - single player and multiplayer. The laundry list of tasks can be found on this Trello board https://trello.com/b/lEMbH9W8/top-fuel-spacer My goal is to build a community driven game. Developed in tandem with feedback from players. The current build of the game can be found and experienced here https://top-fuel-spacer.herokuapp.com/ It's mostly a mere proof of concept skeleton, conceptually representing some of the systems, just 10% of the game if I'm being generous in estimation. Not much in terms of actual gameplay yet. What I'm looking for from you kind strangers of the internet, is some form of validation for this game. Your opinions. Your questions. Do you like it? Should I continue with it? Looking forward to your feedback. Have a good night PS: I've made a Discord thingy for the game https://discord.gg/ak3WBJ8
  5. Kitty Defense is a tower defense game where you defend your base with cats. I'm a programming student and this is my graduation project, this is the first game I've made with Javascript and HTML5. It's still a work in progress, I'm doing the programming and design work on my own and it's a whole new experience! The art is made by someone else who is using this oppertunity to improve her art skills. I would like to know your opinions on the gameplay. Do you think it's too difficult or too easy? Or do you have some suggestions for the game? I would love to hear any kind of feedback! Here is the link to the current version on itch.io: https://imdivingdeep.itch.io/kitty-defense And here is a screenshot:
  6. I've been struggling to find a bit of paid work lately, so I have been working on a set of assets that I intend on packing up into an asset pack, the character is in the style of a project that I am currently working on in Phaser 3 titled: "Karzak The Slayer" where you play as a barbarian that has had his victory feast stolen by some mischievous goblins. The tile are nothing alike that project's tiles but any way, I was hoping to supplement the income I have from the days or work I find labouring here and there or odd contracts and this was the best way I could come up with. I started thee project when I was homeless which wasn't too long ago, and a friendly donation from a member of a game development community helped me out of that situation, where I am now under a roof and attempting to get things back up and running, struggling to find work is quite stressful and having my laptop stolen recently, I lost much of the work I would have used for my portfolio, so I decided to start this as a new portfolio piece and as a potential trickle of funds that I would divert to things like my Karzak project IF it gets anywhere. I started this post because I don't quite know of anywhere to post about it, collect feedback or opinions and the like, being an artist I struggle to think of what a programmer or non-creative would consider when looking for a pack of assets for use in any kind of development. I have tried many places like the itch.io devlogs, facebook and other sources to attempt to get some feedback, but people just like or share and rarely read the posts on facebook, which doesn't help when you're seeking information! So if any of you have some time (I apologize in advance if this isn't a good place for this kind of post) I do have some questions not only regarding where would be best for this kind of discussion but about the pack itself (I will share links below) To consider purchasing an asset pack, what do you consider essential? When looking at a character's animation set for a project's prototype asset or final asset, what animations are rarely there when you're developing your prototypes and have bought an asset to use? Do you prefer to get a whole set of assets intended to be used together or do you mix and match? ... I do have more questions but I have a doctors appointment that I cannot miss and time is getting on, I will add more later. Asset Pack Previews: Album link - https://imgur.com/a/r4qs6Dy The above link contains animation previews of both the character and a handful of the enemies, UI previews and some basic tiles I've made. All of the tiles are at 16x16. Monkey Boy Character Asset: I genuinely struggled when it came to the character, I had no idea of what to create, my mind was completely blank, but I didn't want to sit around doing nothing and I hit a creative block in the level design for my project Karzak, so I felt that I needed a little break... Anyway, a random thought came to me about Monkeys and so I decided to make a Monkey-like-Man or as it turned out, boy, and that's how the character was spawned into existence. The style of Karzak was well received and that was just with the prototype art so I decided to use a similar style with these assets and I hope that is instilled in the character, these previews above are not finished though and will get a lot of polish before they are released, but that style will remain the same throughout. Hopefully you can tell that the run style is intended to be a man/boy mimicking a monkey's run. The animations that caused most issue where the jump which there isn't a preview for yet, and the death, I couldn't figure out how I wanted it to look, there will likely be multiple death animations eventually though as I intend on updating the pack a little even once the baseline set is polished and released. At first I wasn't quite sure about the character, I was really unsure in fact about how it looked but it grew on me and now I quite like it! The Snail Enemies: The idea is that these enemies would be able to transition to a vertical climb obstructing the player at times or causing the player to have to get hurt to avoid a greater or stronger enemy, but these blue ones can only move in one direction, whereas another coloured variant would be able to turn around and move the other way, following the direction of the player but sticking to whichever surface they are still on. There is intent on adding an enemy that does this but can hop to local tiles in pursuit of the player. There is a slime enemy that is not yet finished, A giant fish that leaps out of water to get to the player across certain deep water gaps, plant based enemies that are ranged and melee that can leap out of the background to strike the player based on many variations in mechanics or triggers. Conclusion: There is still a great deal of work left to finish on these assets, and it is at this point, taking some time away from my project Karzak, but I am having fun and hopefully it helps a little in the long run with supplementing a little trickle of funds towards it. In any event, it will help me update a new and fresh portfolio with some content that is consistent. I hope to get some feedback from potential users or people that have used assets in the past. -------------------------------------------------- Karzak The Slayer: Title Screen Logo - https://imgur.com/8jLPwa0 Character & Enemies - https://imgur.com/l8yYjHY Old Phaser 3 Demo Screenshot - https://imgur.com/S0fseQt Karzak Animations - https://imgur.com/wIcLPmz Updated Tiles (Style) - https://imgur.com/g4jROEN - https://imgur.com/ruoXbVn -------------------------------------------------- Random animation samples: Goblins - https://imgur.com/a/BwZS3 -------------------------------------------------- I hope you're all having a good day and developing some awesome projects! Kind Regards, Patrick.
  7. The project I am working on is about an egg game, possible RPG elements but also a big Tamagotchi fans production! What I need is feedback but also some sort of support ? the story about an egg
  8. Here's a multiplayer pk/deathmatch game I've had on the back burner for awhile. There is still more that needs to be done. The project will probably continue to evolve. Thanks for checking it out. PLAYERKILLERS.EXCHANGE
  9. Hey! ?‍? I have been experimenting with Phaser for a while now and started a project like a year ago. It was a real time top-down rpg game where I ended up spending a lot of time trying to put together some fun combat mechanics. My visions for that project grew pretty big and I wanted to do something more short-term and I had been thinking much about creating some point and click adventure based on real photographs because I knew so many fine and inspiring places nearby that I could use as environment instead of having to bother spending a lot of time in creating graphics that I never get satisfied with anyway. So I started coming up with a story and went out some weekends this autumn with my Honor 8 mobile camera — yes, this is going to get real low budget ? — and collected some image material in locations that I found suitable. There is everything from dark pine forest to more open rocky areas, mountains and beech woods. There is even some material captured from the ruins of an old abbey! These images would then be sorted out to form the kind of game world I wanted. This is a process which I'm still engaging in, but I've started to make out how the first part of the game are going to be. Introduction The forest is spoken of as a place of magic and strange experiences. Still, there are no roads disturbing its ancient splendor. Although traces of some human inhabitants do exist, their wisdom and practices have since long been laid to rest by the passing of time and the power of nature. Some say their spirits still reside there and attempts have been made to unravel the mystic forces witnessed by people of recent times. After losing your friend during a camping adventure in the remote forest — you are contacted by the spirits of the land. You gain knowledge about a conflict between the supernatural powers that resides in the area. Dark forces have risen against the forces of light since a sorcerer came to dwell within the deep of the woodland. He has taken your friend as a human sacrifice. Will you find him before the night of ritual and restore peace to the forest? ?‍♀️ Gameplay As can be read in the little introduction; the game is going to be about encountering dark powers. ?‍♂️ So there are areas in the game which you will have to clear of the darkness before working there or continuing to the next area — otherwise you'll go dead/mad/asleep-to-wake-up-later-having-wasted-a-lot-of-time or something. So in relation to this; an early idea for the game was to have some kind of mechanic where players have to draw magical incantations from a spell book. ?‍♂️ This is achieved by using a JS lib that makes it possible to draw vectors and compare vectors. The result is the matching percentage of the vectors — so in that way I can adjust difficulty and maybe also set different requirements for matching by shape. To make this drawing stuff more challenging; when the player are drawing in these dark areas — the canvas will shake and randomly erase lines you just drew and stuff like that. The first spell will be a lesser banishing spell to clear out the early dark areas. Then other spells will be added to solve greater problems in the game. Another mechanic that I'm developing is actually an idea I came up with for the previous Phaser project which I wrote about in the beginning. This mechanic is based on dowsing. So the player will have a crystal pendulum as a tool when finding clues and information. The pendulum can be dragged around the area and will move in different ways depending on what secrets can be revealed in that certain place. The key to interpret the pendulum will also be in the spell book I guess. ?‍♀️ So these are two mechanics that is under development along with the first part of the game. Some video teasers of how this will look can be found here: Project Page with Demo Videos Another thing is that the gameplay will have a time aspect. So you will always have to return to the camp when it's getting dark because at night; all the areas in the game will be dangerous to be in, just like the areas affected by dark magic during the day. Below you will see some images of the stuff I just covered. And here is a link to my website and twitter where further updates about the game and the development process which probably will be pretty slow: http://www.heavyrealm.se/ https://twitter.com/jonteferm I imagine I will work more on the game if I also sometimes tell other human beings what I am doing.
  10. I think the Christmas spirit hit me ???. Yesterday I decided to create Christmas style game. I just started with graphics, the mechanics isn't matter. But I think it will be something really easy, maybe memory pairs game or just simple 15 puzzle etc. 14.12.18? Some Inkscape works Image for 15puzzle... maybe/// P.S I hope to finish it in a week. And may the Force be with us! ❄️ 15.12.18? 16.12.18? Screen of some memory puzzle game 17.12.18? Upgraded Santa & snowman 30.12.18 ? ❄️❄️❄️ PLAY IN BROWSER: https://xmas19.netlify.com/
  11. Hi Everyone, I've decided to open source the Mars Explorer game I've been working on in the hopes that some might learn from it or even contribute to its development. the source code is available here on github. I'd love to hear some constructive feedback from the community and contributions to the project would be more than welcome. This is my first attempt at a game using phaser so go easy on me if I've made any rookie mistakes ? Its loosely based on the Phaser 2 tanks demo but instead using Phaser 3 and matter.js physics.
  12. It's my first WeChat mini game project and I thought I would just like to share it here. So far I've completed basic gameplay and finally figured out how to use audio (since Phaser audio does not work on the platform). Pretty exciting to see things progressing and being able to test it on my phone ? Only thing that's left is the sharing/viral feature and leaderboard. You can watch the WIP video here.
  13. Hi everyone, Been away for a while but I've kept practicing with Babylon. This is at a prototype phase with no 3d/sound/artwork. Just pure javascript code for now. Trying to get the mechanics working properly first. One question I have is how the projectile rotationQuaternion is cloned. It seems to follow the lookAt() quaternion from the origin tower even after the quaternion is cloned. How can I ensure that the rotationQuaternion is not linked to the original quaternion it is taken from? This causes problems when a tower shoots a projectile and then rotates to target another enemy. The previously mentioned projectile rotates in midair still copying the rotation of the tower. Here's the relevant code taken from line 53 of https://github.com/xtreemze/defend/blob/master/src/js/main/projectiles.ts const clonedRotation = originMesh.rotationQuaternion.clone(); clonedRotation.normalize(); projectile.rotationQuaternion.copyFrom(clonedRotation); Comments, questions are welcome! The project is hosted here with open source: https://github.com/xtreemze/defend View the project here: https://xtreemze.github.io/defend
  14. Monarchies.io Take on the role of a queen honey bee looking to build a hive. She can start and build a colony by birthing workers and setting their tasks. Workers can forage flowers for nectar and pollen, nurse the brood, build new hive cells, and defend the hive from wasps and other players. How to Play Press and hold where you want to go , and the queen bee will head there. Place a hive with the 'new hive' button to place new hive cells. Press a nearby hive cell to select it. Place eggs there with the 'lay egg' button. Press one of your own workers to select them. Choose their job from the buttons below them. Foragers gather pollen and bring it to empty hive cells. Nurses bring collected pollen to your larvae ( which then become pupae before finally birthing as new workers ), and builders eat honey and build new hive cells. Press 'attack' to toggle alarm pheromones in your workers. They will attack wasps, the nearest enemy bees, and player queens. Work In Progress The game is still in active development, bugs continue to be found and patched, and feedback on ways to improve the game is very welcome. Planned Features In-game tutorial Social logins and player accounts. Earn honey to unlock new bees and abilities. Sound & music Skeletal animation Where to Play Download the game through the Play Store, or on Itch.io.
  15. Hello! I want to show the first 5 lvls of my second phaser game (v2.6.2), here is a picture of it: And the link: https://sumonbugs.herokuapp.com/ It work in PC and cell phones. It is a little laggy in some android devices. I will be great if you can test it and tell my what you think. Thanks!
  16. I would like to show you my topdown 2d multiplayer shooter. It currently uses a pretty basic placeholder map, I just suck at graphics So consider this a WIP TechDemo. I used Phaser as the engine, Primus for the socket layer, Node as a server. Behind the scenes this does entity interpolation and prediction to give a smooth ride and good experience and to keep things exciting a visibility polygon will give you the ability to hide behind cover so your enemy can't see you. But they can hear you due to positional audio if you fire your gun. Controls: Mouselook - It will ask for a lock on your mouse, accept it and you can control the direction of your character like you would in a FPS shooter. It might be twitchy, I like minimal mouse movement, sorry. WASD/Arrows - move and strafe Left mouse - shoot to kill TAB - show score (weird numbered name means someone connected, but still in character selection or name entry) Click below to play: http://stark-caverns-8384.herokuapp.com/ Enjoy
  17. Hello! I want to introduce you my game, on its development i am working now “11vs21”© Its short plot: At the end of the 21 century people reclaimed travelling through time using special gates to any time point. This technique is used for tourists tine voyagers. Voyagers are unsafe enough but time travelling is especial one, so tourists are equipped with special weapon to defence from any kind of weapon. In the 11 century near the castle of norman knight “William I de Persy” the gate from 21 century are opened, and aborigines meet the tourists as demons,who want to capture their castle. The player takes the role of “William I” to defend his native castle from invaders using very specific types of weapons. Mini-game "suicidal sheep" is added to rest from the main game. Screenshots: Genre set: Жанр: Castle defence + visual video novel Platforms: Windows,Linux,OS X. Implements: Инструментарий: Blender, Gimp, Construct 2 70% made at the moment. I will answer any questions!)) Video: Battle,Castle market,Map: Minigame1:
  18. Hi All!, I want to introduce my first game in html5 (Phaser), and, as you can see, I love to start with one of the most difficult of all the games!. First a picture of the game: And off course, a link to play it: https://multionline.herokuapp.com/ As you can see the game is RPG like, and have the following features: · Multiplayer game (all the players in the same map for now!), · You can chat with other players (press enter, type message and then enter again), · Level up as you kill monsters, · Items drop with different attributes (more than 20 items types), · 5 types of monster that appears as you level up, · 6 spells. The game is yet in alpha, we are showing a concept of how it will looks like when it is finished J. The objective right now is to kill the cosmic monster, it is this one (it appears when you are lvl 5): To kill him, you will need really good items!, so try to equip as good as you can or engaged him with some other friends!. I would like to thanks the two persons that help me do this game: · Leonardo: That make the tiles for the game and the side bar! (and help me to test it a lot!), · Julian: That make all the draws, specially the cosmic monster and the principal character!. We are a team of people that love to play games, and love more to make them. What we use to make this game? All of this: · Phaser C.E 2.7.5 (so great framework!!). · Node.js for the server. · Server and Client write in Typescript (much better than plane javascript, it help a lot to debug the game). · Some pictures and sounds were taken from http://opengameart.org/. · JS Signals by Miller Medeiros for the server. · TileMap to do the map of the game. If you like the game please give us some feedback and ideas to continue the development of the game!. Hope you enjoy it!.
  19. Hey! I'm working on a 3d multiplayer browser game where you and up to around 1500 (I say around because I'm still experimenting with the performance) other players explore and grow in a fantasy world. I'm still developing the game, but so far I've built in chat, some basic combat, the beginnings of a leveling system, movement, the ability to wield things, as well as a bunch of other things. I've been writing my own game engine as I go, but thankfully a lot of it is in place so these days I'm finally focusing on creating the content and trying to make something fun. Most fun aspect of development so far: So far my favorite moment has been plopping a few animals into the game and trying out combat against them. That came after months of implementing a skeletal animation system, so it was great to finally see it work in the game. Biggest Challenge so far: I've had to learn a lot of math and 3d concepts while making the engine, so those were each challenges in their own right. The biggest challenge right now though is the art. I'm completely new to making art so, to be frank, everything that I'm churning out is complete garbage! My hope is that as I make more and more of the art I'll get better and better, and then be able to double back and clean up all of the awful art that I've made thus far.. We'll see how that goes.. Advice that I'd love to get from you: - When should I focus on building a player base? Right now I'm mainly writing the core gameplay and trying to churn out 3d models / animations. How far does one need to get into a multiplayer RPG before it's good enough to have a consistent player base? I'm definitely still experimenting with building something that's truly fun, but I sure don't want to be in a position where I'm trying to improve the game forever without getting players. - Would you play a multiplayer RPG on your mobile device? All throughout development I've had a goal of maintaining 60 FPS on mobile devices, and having controls that are just as fun on mobile as they are on desktop. One thing here is that I'm not entirely sure if people would play a casual browser RPG on their mobile device, vs. just their desktops. My assumption is that they would, but I'm curious about your thoughts here? Should I continue to focus on this? Check it out: You can play the game all throughout development at on the Lighthouse Tale website. I also blog about development and 3d game programming concepts on my person site chinedufn.com, so always feel free to let me know anything that you'd like to read or learn about! www.lighthousetale.com
  20. Lately I've been working on a game, without any sort of engine. I am using pure JS, HTML canvas, and Jquery. The name is not final but the features currently in are as follows: -Melee Combat -Multiple enemies with different stats and AI A* pathfinding aggression if they see you. -Loot and loot tables -Random dungeon generation with an exit that leads to another randomly generated dungeon, with the dungeon generating differently (more enemies and few other features) the higher you go. -FOV -Minimap -Basic inventory functionality -Autosave function -Saving/loading function to and from unlimited number of slots -Fully functional log with timestamp The planned features are as follows: -Magic and Ranged combat -Health bars above enemies and the player -Improved UI -5 Bosses -After each boss is defeated, the dungeon has a visual change along with more difficult enemies and obstacles -Traps (they generate, yet there's no art or function yet) -Merchants and random NPCs scattered around to explain the lore, story, and mystery -Basic crafting and alchemy -Randomly generated items to loot -Level and XP system -Pet system (pet that follows you and aids in combat) -Multiple starting classes -10 to 30 hours of gameplay through multiple playthroughs -Sounds and music -Mystery type story I am sixteen years old and this is my first major project. I'm doing the entirety of programming by myself and in my own created engine, I am also doing all the art. Upon completion I hope to port it into an .exe and put it on Steam greenlight and sell it for around $2-$4. Now, as this is my first project I'd love some criticism and feedback regarding my goals and current features, as well as any tips from people have already completed games that may be helpful to myself.
  21. This is a match3 Game i worked for couple of days and still working on it. Play it here : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17369001/Match3-Cute-Monsters/index.html And tell me What you think.
  22. Hello friends, I am developing a simple browser game called Next.Land. I would like to ask for some feedback here. I’m looking for inspiration and new ideas. There is a playable demo available so you can try the game right now (very limited gameplay). Links: Project website: http://next.land Playable demo: http://demo.next.land Some in-game videos: YouTube channel Basic features: Property tycoon. Free to play. Browser game. MMO. Simple and casual. Business simulation game. Real world elements and 3D terrain. Description: Next.Land is a property tycoon browser game. It is based on Three.js (WebGL javascript framework), OpenStreetMap - OSM (map data for real world elements like buildings, roads, forests, ...) and SRTM (elevation data for a real 3D terrain). The gameplay is simple and easy. Buy and sell properties, manage your finances and grow your empire. Play in the actual world locations with an accurate 3D terrain. I think this is a very attractive feature. You can play in the area you like the most. Next.Land is quite similar to one older game called MonopolyCityStreets. Of course, I want to keep developing this game after the initial release. I want to provide regular expansions with new game features (microeconimcs, enhanced trading, various in-game events etc). It is too early to be more specific, the game needs to be finished first Feedback: I have created a short priority list of topics that interest me the most. Do you like the game idea? Do you think this game has potential? Do you think that the gameplay might be fun? Do you prefer casual or hardcore gameplay? My intention is to create a casual game. Fun for few minutes a day. I don't like the idea that you will play this game for hours a day. Would you like to see tablet/smartphone versions? It is difficult to create the same design for every device. The game is designed for desktops right now. Smaller devices have lower performance and the gameplay, user interface and graphics need to be reduced. Everything else. Any others ideas are welcome. Other: There is an active crowdfunding campaign for the project right now. I think you should know about this. I don't want to provide the link. It is just my another attempt to get more feedback from people. I am very grateful for any feedback. Thank you very much!
  23. I was thinking of a space combat game where you can design your own ship and give it an order (in form of AI) and put it up online so it can combat other players ship. (using Phaser) Its in really early stage, all I did for now is a graphic editor for create ingame graphics (2D vector graphics) as following Data saved as following (you can copy the string and load in the editor) {"metadata":{"id":"60884e90-0452-2ab4-4f9a-f137c5059ff7","name":"DefaultCruiser","description":"Default Cruiser","type":"1"},"shape":[{"color":"#bfbfaf","polygon":[{"x":21,"y":0},{"x":12,"y":4},{"x":6,"y":13},{"x":8,"y":24},{"x":17,"y":31},{"x":21,"y":31}]},{"color":"#bfbfaf","polygon":[{"x":21,"y":0},{"x":30,"y":4},{"x":36,"y":13},{"x":34,"y":24},{"x":25,"y":31},{"x":21,"y":31}]},{"color":"#bfbfaf","polygon":[{"x":19,"y":31},{"x":19,"y":53},{"x":23,"y":53},{"x":23,"y":31}]},{"color":"#bfbfaf","polygon":[{"x":19,"y":34},{"x":17,"y":39},{"x":17,"y":49},{"x":19,"y":53}]},{"color":"#bfbfaf","polygon":[{"x":23,"y":34},{"x":25,"y":39},{"x":25,"y":49},{"x":23,"y":53}]},{"color":"#bfbfaf","polygon":[{"x":17,"y":41},{"x":5,"y":46},{"x":5,"y":50},{"x":17,"y":45}]},{"color":"#bfbfaf","polygon":[{"x":25,"y":41},{"x":37,"y":46},{"x":37,"y":50},{"x":25,"y":45}]},{"color":"#bfbfaf","polygon":[{"x":2,"y":36},{"x":4,"y":36},{"x":5,"y":39},{"x":5,"y":56},{"x":4,"y":58},{"x":2,"y":58},{"x":1,"y":56},{"x":1,"y":39}]},{"color":"#bfbfaf","polygon":[{"x":38,"y":36},{"x":40,"y":36},{"x":41,"y":39},{"x":41,"y":56},{"x":40,"y":58},{"x":38,"y":58},{"x":37,"y":56},{"x":37,"y":39}]},{"color":"#ff0066","polygon":[{"x":41,"y":39},{"x":42,"y":41},{"x":42,"y":54},{"x":41,"y":56}]},{"color":"#ff0066","polygon":[{"x":1,"y":39},{"x":0,"y":41},{"x":0,"y":54},{"x":1,"y":56}]},{"color":"#ff0066","polygon":[{"x":5,"y":39},{"x":6,"y":41},{"x":6,"y":54},{"x":5,"y":56}]},{"color":"#ff0066","polygon":[{"x":37,"y":39},{"x":36,"y":41},{"x":36,"y":54},{"x":37,"y":56}]},{"color":"#ff0066","polygon":[{"x":17,"y":49},{"x":19,"y":55},{"x":20,"y":56},{"x":22,"y":56},{"x":23,"y":55},{"x":25,"y":49},{"x":23,"y":53},{"x":19,"y":53}]},{"color":"#000066","polygon":[{"x":12,"y":6},{"x":21,"y":1},{"x":30,"y":6},{"x":31,"y":8},{"x":21,"y":2},{"x":11,"y":8}]},{"color":"#000066","polygon":[{"x":19,"y":37},{"x":18,"y":39},{"x":18,"y":49},{"x":20,"y":52},{"x":22,"y":52},{"x":24,"y":49},{"x":24,"y":39},{"x":23,"y":37}]},{"color":"#9c9cc4","polygon":[{"x":20,"y":38},{"x":19,"y":39},{"x":19,"y":49},{"x":20,"y":51},{"x":22,"y":51},{"x":23,"y":49},{"x":23,"y":39},{"x":22,"y":38}]},{"color":"#a9a99c","polygon":[{"x":11,"y":8},{"x":9,"y":10},{"x":9,"y":11},{"x":20,"y":4},{"x":22,"y":4},{"x":33,"y":11},{"x":33,"y":10},{"x":31,"y":8},{"x":21,"y":2}]},{"color":"#a9a99c","polygon":[{"x":8,"y":13},{"x":10,"y":24},{"x":14,"y":27},{"x":11,"y":12}]},{"color":"#a9a99c","polygon":[{"x":34,"y":13},{"x":32,"y":24},{"x":28,"y":27},{"x":31,"y":12}]},{"color":"#a9a99c","polygon":[{"x":14,"y":22},{"x":15,"y":28},{"x":18,"y":30},{"x":25,"y":30},{"x":27,"y":28},{"x":28,"y":22},{"x":26,"y":25},{"x":23,"y":28},{"x":19,"y":28},{"x":16,"y":25}]}]} You can visit the link at http://spacewar.mirrorofearth.com/graphicEditor/ and try the editor out, it can save a json string of the vertexes and color. If anyone find its interesting and make some images, please post it here with the saved json and image
  24. Download here Currently working on a game which twists a little bit the Galaga-like clones of yore. I was developing a Top Down Shooter (hence "project TDS") but it degenerated into a Galaga-like game. The game pits two players in a (for now) endless battle for points, where one side has the ultra-mobile "hero" ship and the other is the "swarm" side. Currently doing it as kind of a pressure relief, as real life is driving me nuts and want to create a small game that brings something "kind of new" to the table. Missing still are: Sounds Music More visual effects More types of "baddies" Powerups for the hero "Boss" battles and such Planned, but not prioritary are network play and some sort of leaderboard.
  25. Description: DRAW!! is an western themed card game where you are tasked with building different decks to defeat the many different outlaws! Each enemy has unique decks and mechanics so you must construct your deck to capitalize on their weaknesses. Features: 10 different Outlaws to battle. 16 unique cards to collect. Thousands of deck combinations! What still needs to be done: The game is completely finished other than that it needs music and sound effects. Since those are not vital to the gameplay I thought that it was a good time to post about it and get some feedback. Play in your browser: www.codedgames.com/games/draw Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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